Apr 20, 2010


This is my Dad. Hard working, honest and the man that taught me to treat all people in this world with respect and dignity. He will be 70 years old this September.  He's a paradox in so many ways.  One of the most generous people you will ever meet but also able to pinch a penny tighter than anybody I know. Kind of works on the perimeter of things as if he isn't paying any attention to you at all and then he will come off with a statement that makes you realize he really has been paying attention.  Says some insensitive things but then will do something so incredibly thoughtful and sweet that it nearly makes you cry.  He frustrates me to no end sometimes but I also wouldn't trade him for any other Dad in the world.

He's on Facebook now. Not because he wants to keep up on the latest and greatest social networking trend.  Because he's a man on a mission and it involves making my Mom happy, which he tries to do to the best of his ability.

Our trip to Norway this August is a return trip for my mother.  She spent time there in the mid 50's, recuperating from rheumatic fever.  Not sure why Norway's climate was better than Germany, maybe they thought the mountain air would do her good.  She has many fond memories of the place and especially the people she met.  But being a young girl when she was there she only knew people by their first names. 

Not sure how we were going to find them except to wander through the village asking around.  My Dad needed a better plan than that though.  He's not really one for flying by the seat of your pants.  I also suspect he can't see us making this expensive sojourn to Scandanavia and ending up with nothing to show for it. 

He called the hotel where we are staying and asked the person who answered if she knew anybody who lived in the village we are going to visit.  The desk clerk said no but her co-worker had grown up there and probably did.  This progressed to where we are now.  A FB account for my Dad and friendships with many of these people from my mother's past.  We now have addresses, names and open invitations for coffee when we are in town.

What a guy!


  1. wow, that's a pretty amazing thing to do so you'll have a wonderful time in norway.

  2. Your dad does sound amazing. His work will make the trip so much more memorable.

  3. Wow, that is so cool!--what a guy!!!! :)

    My Mom's on Facebook (not such a bad thing, after all)...but we can't quite convince my Dad to go on there yet. He says that she fills him in on "all the news." But I actually do wish he was on there--I think he'd like it and find some of the statuses very amusing. :)

  4. visiting from foxymoron's blog.

    I loved this! That is so very cool - and resourceful! Go Dad! Hope everyone has an amazing trip to Norway.

  5. mi - He's pretty resourceful for an old guy.

    Mom - Now we can look forward to meeting friendly people in a strange new place.

    MHP - My Mom has an account too but she rarely checks it. I sent my Dad a profile picture suggestion (the one on this post) and he said "No thanks". Apparently worried about his image in the digital universe. Thinks it makes him look old.

    CallinMarie - Hi there. We are really looking forward to this trip. A little worried about our tickets right now because we are flying Iceland Air from NYC to Iceland to Berlin. I hope that second volcano stays dormant until our trip is over and done with.

  6. Sounds like a very smart and caring guy...

  7. Pops is brilliant!
    He added a whole new dimension of wonderfulness to the trip. :)

    ..My evil word veri is: 'symisane'
    At least I'm getting credit for a small amount of sanity.

  8. I don't care that Sling wrote it first. He's just so fast that way. Symisane, yes, but fulltiltfastlikelightningwithcomments.


  9. Pat - He is very caring.. beneath that tough truck driver exterior.

    Sling - I know. I know. We get to spend time with real live Norwegians in their natural habitat. I'll give you 10:1 odds that they serve us salmon and crackers.

    Booda - You should see how excited my mother is by this trip. Even more so now.

  10. He is a treasure - I would give anything to have had my dad around (he was killed when i was 15) I missed him so much and life was too hard for mum - I imagine what he would be like now and what a wonderful friendship we would have...

  11. MC - I do feel belessed to have him around still. Keep trying to convince him to stop smoking because it worries me so.

  12. He is a great guy. He's the closest I've had to a grandpa, and I'm very happy about that.

  13. Uncle Dennis is the best. I know he has made a difference in my life. I hope you realize how lucky you are to have a Father who is caring and thoughtful and full of compassion, even thogh he dosnt show it openly. Its there if you pay attention to him. He is my favorite Uncle. Sorry Uncle Dieter if you read this. Bonnie

  14. This post made me tear up - and immediately call my dad.