Nov 2, 2010

Crazy Train

I was in DC this past weekend attending the Rally to Restore Sanity. The media is struggling to explain what happened there. Some of them are dismissing it as "entertainment", just comedy and music with no serious message. Others are calling it a bold move from the liberal left.   This need to sum everything up into an easy to understand, usually sensational, message is just more evidence of the problem.

Some things are beyond categorization and summation. Each rallyer had their own reason for being there, their own interpretation of the "message", their own feelings about the day. In a group of over 200,000 people you're going to find differing opinions. I think that was the point.

The minute the rally was announced I knew I was going. Every day it's becoming increasingly difficult to recognize this country. The hate and fear spewing from our TV's would lead you to believe that sensationalism is the only thing that matters anymore. Attending the rally felt like something positive I could do -add one more person to the throng I hoped would show up. My message was "You people are crazy." Who are "you people"? I'm talking about the loud mouthed, obnoxious media celebs that offer up their hate and bias and call it news. What have they created in the pursuit of ratings (profit)? People who actually think that nut jobs like Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, Paul Rand, Meg Whitman, and Sharon Angle are viable candidates for anything except a ride on Ozzy's Crazy Train.

So, I went to the rally, along with a lot of other people. In the middle of that massive crowd in our nation's capital, it felt good to be an American with a constitutional right to peaceably assemble, for whatever I wanted to assemble for. My voice counts, my opinion matters and my beliefs don't make me less American. No matter what Fox News says.

I believe that those blessed with more financial resources should pay more taxes. I believe that two people should have the right to be married, regardless of their genders. I believe that hard working illegal aliens should have a path to US citizenship. I believe that the way to stop illegal immigration is to punish those who create the jobs that attract illegals to this country and then pay them sub poverty wages to do back breaking work. I believe that health care reform didn't go far enough. As long as insurance companies run the show profit will continue to be the driving factor in health care. I believe in a single payer system... if it's an option it's not really single is it?  I believe that business, left to its own, unregulated devices will do anything to add to the bottom line, no matter the cost to human suffering. 

It's so laughable when politicians spout off about "What the American people want" is blah blah blah. As if we are one person. I think being an American is a little like being married. You don't agree with everything your fellow Americans (spouse) want to do, and you surely disagree with some of their beliefs, but you work through it - compromise, acceptance, tolerance and respect. There might be some yelling along the way but in the end you have to reach a workable solution that maintains the peace. What good is winning the battle if your marriage is destroyed in the process?


  1. Great writing!
    I think I pretty much agree with everything you are saying. I'm so sick of the way things are going. The whackjobs get the most news converage and there are plenty of sheep out there willing to following along aimlessly...
    I live in one of the most conserative counties in the country and I HATE what I hear these supposedly intelligent people spouting off about these days. GREAT POST!

  2. I have heard only good reports from friends and family who were at the rally. A proud to an American sort of a day. I watched it all on TV. I liked it all, especially Stewart's closing remarks. Your political views match mine. I am concerned about what will happen after this election.

  3. I couldn't agree with you more.

    And now, the day after the election, I am sad and left wondering how so many of our fellow Americans are so misled by the Republicans???

  4. I am pro-law! If you lock your doors at night to keep intruders out of your house are hypocrites. If they break in and you want them to leave, you are a hypocrite! We are a nation of laws. You break the law you pay the consequences. A burglar who breaks into your house should get a path to equal home-ownership? Say no, and you are a hypocrite!

  5. Pat - Thanks Pat. Everybody just needs to take a deep breath don't they.

    Mom - I try to hope for the best although history certainly has examples of extremism going too far before anyone realizes the danger.

    MHP - It is sad but also frightening that we could so easily forget the mess created by the Republican way of doing things.

    Adpro - God Bless America and our ability to each have our own opinions no matter what they are.

  6. Great post...we are alike thinkers.

  7. Great post...we are alike thinkers.

  8. great I said it twice.

  9. Great blog! Your profile pic of the landlady from Kung Fu Hustle caught my attention...hilarious! I'm glad I stopped to check it out as we like-minded people have to stick together. Aloha!

  10. Hi Golfin - thanks for visiting my blog. So jealous of you.... golfing and living in Hawaii.