Dec 15, 2010


For the last four days we have been dealing with the aftermath of a winter storm. Not a blizzard. Just your regular, run of the mill, snow storm. Unfortunately this storm was followed up by freezing temperatures. This caused the roads to freeze over which makes for slow and dangerous commutes.

When 20 miles separate you from your place of employment there are an infinite number of routes you can take. Each of the last three days I have tried a different way to work. I have not found "the" best way to avoid treacherous roads and the idiots that populate them. Each route has sweet spots but none of these are connected. Just when I think I'm getting somewhere I run into someone creeping at tortoise speed. They act as if their tires are also made of ice. The only thing worse is the idiot who passes you on a two lane road with oncoming traffic.

Strangely though, four days after the storm hit and the freeway ramps and side streets are still snow and ice covered. I was patient about all the snow and ice the first and second days. Curious the third day but willing to accept the explanation of "Salt doesn't work in freezing temperatures". Today, I'm just mad. I'm also entertaining conspiracy theories in which evil government bureacrats horde and sell our road salt to Minnesota for profit, leaving us Michiganders to fend for ourselves on our deathtrap subarban side streets.

Let's examine the facts. I have not seen any salt trucks on the side streets I've been driving every day. I mean, none. I thought they were working on the freeways so I decided to try M14 on the way home today. The freeways are dry and clear, which begs two questions. Why is salt working on the freeways in this freezing weather? Why aren't they moving on to the side streets if the freeways are clear?

If they don't get this cleared up by end of day tomorrow I may have to complain to somebody.   Probably the same people I complain to every year about the potholes that never get fixed. 


  1. Hearing (and seeing) things like this are why I'm so glad it NEVER even hits 40F where I live. I can see snow up in the mountains and that's how I like it! Of course we miss out on a true spring and winter, but I'll pay that price!
    Sorry you also have to deal with idiots in addition to the weather!

  2. You do not make Michigan sound like a good place to live.
    If the tea party types get their way we will just eliminate all snow removal efforts as too much big government and tell people to dig themselves a path if they need to go anywhere.

  3. I am sooo glad I don't have to drive in the winter. :) I feel your pain, though--I drove for many years in the snow and ice. One time I thought a semi truck was surely going to run me off the road--but I held tight.

    The forecast here is calling for a snowstorm tomorrow night...I suppose that means you'll be getting it after us...good luck driving in this one--I hope the roads are better this time! :)

  4. I liked that little video clip - the reverse here where the bushfires get worse because the greens have so much power the Rural Fire people have trouble back burning in late winter to get rid of the build up - something they have done for many years, something the aboriginal people did as well to minimise the intensity of fires - now we have not just fires but explosions of fires, firestorms - it would make too much common sense to do what has worked well for centuries -

    y its a mildly warm day here with a cool breeze - has been the best summer so far - I don't think I could handle your winters