Jan 31, 2011

He's a Keeper

I met my husband a little over 27 years ago.  I had recently been through a pretty tough break up.  The kind where your heart tells you to stay but your head tells you it's time to go.   I was convinced that I wouldn't meet anybody ever again.  The few guys I did talk to were all losers, just guys on the make, no heart, no soul.  

I resigned myself to spinsterhood at the age of 20. At that age the status quo feels like a whirlpool sucking you down further and further.   You haven't learned yet that your life can sometimes veer onto an entirely new path in a heartbeat.

I went with my Mother to a bible meeting.....for the benefit of those that know me..... that's right....... I said bible meeting.  I kind of figured I had nothing to lose.  As I walked through the door I immediately noticed the guy sitting on the couch playing a game of chess with somebody.  It's no surprise that I can't remember who he was playing chess with.  My husband had my undivided attention for the rest of the night.   He had reddish-brown, moppy, hair with a moustache and full beard.   He was a good looking guy.  I could tell he noticed me.

At that time I was still overcoming a nearly crippling lack of self-confidence.  My strategy back then was just to plow on through moments of self doubt and timidity, act like I was confident.  So I sat down on the couch right next to him and said "Hi, I'm Christine".  He looked at me and smiled a smile that twinkled into his green eyes too.  "Hi, I'm Jim."  And then we talked.  I flirted shamelessly .... touch the hair, giggle, you know the drill.

This guy was different.  He was funny and thoughtful and sensitive.  Plus he seemed sincerely interested in me as a person.  I could tell I wasn't just another conquest.    The evening ended and I had high hopes that he'd call me.  One week went by, then another. Hope waned. Finally, he called and asked if I wanted to go see his guitar teacher perform at a local bar and then a movie.   I accepted.  He called me back a few days later and with a little bit of shame said that his car was broken down.  I thought he was going to cancel.  Instead he asked if I would mind driving.  I said not at all.

We went to Ashley's in Ann Arbor.  It's still there.  Then we went to see Return of the Jedi at the dollar show.  It was a great evening.  We talked and talked.  I invited him to my 21st birthday party at my parents house the following week.  He said he would see me then.  The day of the party I opened the door and saw him standing there with flowers in hand.  He had shaved his beard, trimmed his moustache and cut his hair.  This guy was definitely a keeper.

We were engaged about three months later and then married another four months after that.  Crazy, I know.  Do I feel lucky that it's lasted this long?  No, luck had nothing to do with it.  We've earned these years together, trust me.

Sometimes the routine of life takes over.  Being with someone for 27 years breeds a comfortable familiarity.  Like a favorite pair of pajamas.  Once in awhile it's good to remember back to the time he made my heart race every time I laid eyes on him.  Not something to be taken for granted because it's a good thing I've got going here.


  1. What a handsome guy! funny how at the age of 20 we think our life is about over when it is really just about to begin. Here's to the next 27 years of life together.

  2. What a sweet post and what a lovely story. And he is very handsome - love his smile.

    Still can't imagine you at a bible meeting, though.

  3. Thanks you guys. I think he's pretty awesome but I'm blinded by love.

  4. Hi. Cris over at Boodatude told me to come over here. No she didn't. But I love your photo and the name of your blog. And I love that you've been with a nice guy for 27 years. In this part of the world, a lot of people have been through at least a few marriages in that time. Here's to another 27 years! cheers, m

  5. Mari - Hi, thanks for stopping by and the nice compliments. I hope we get another 27 years too.

  6. Aww, you made me cry!! :)

    I feel so much the same about my wonderful hubby, and I love to hear others' true love stories like this. :)