Feb 13, 2011

Once Bitten

I've decided I will not be attending the 2012 Family Reunion in Germany, if there is one.   There are a number of reasons.

The Germans don't sound all that enthused to be planning it.  Every time one of them talks about it they make it sound like they'll do it if they have to but suggest that we end on a good note since the 2007 was so awesome it will be hard to beat.  It takes a lot of work to plan these reunions.  I don't want to force somebody to do it.

I've been to Germany four times in my life (five if you count the time I was 2).  It's understandable since I have so much family there but I want to see new places.  I want to go to Ireland and Scotland.  My  husband really wants to see Italy.  Even though I'm not a beach person I would like to visit Hawaii.  How are we ever going to experience these awesome places if every "big" trip takes us back to Germany.

The biggest reason I don't want to go to the reunion is that several of the relatives there have made it quite clear they don't really like me.  One of them to the point of being downright rude and mean about it.  Granted, he's only a relative by marriage but you know what, I don't have to subject myself to it and I certainly don't have to do it when it's going to cost me thousands of dollars to do so.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't have to be liked by everybody.  I know I'm not everybody's cup of tea.  I can be loud and obnoxious, socially awkward, a know-it-all....... somebody please stop me.... because I could go on and on.   But I do expect the common decency of politeness, especially in a family setting.  I don't expect that I'll get it in Germany.  I actually expect it to be pretty bad since he'll have an audience.  He's a mean and petty little man and rather than bring it to the point of confrontation that it is inevitably moving towards, I would rather just avoid the situation altogether.

I'll spend my time with the people I enjoy being around and who enjoy my company, or at least do a passable  job of pretending they do.

God, my blog is so serious these days.  I should just get a therapist.


  1. Some family members are much easier to love at a great distance.
    It's a great big world out there. Go see it.

  2. What Mom said!
    And yay you, I hope they read your blog!!!

  3. Well, that is just too rude! I'm not totally popular around my family either! I like it that way...

    I hope you are having a good Valentine's Day!

  4. It always seems to me that a reunion OUGHT to be a chance to ... I don't know ... reinvest (for lack of a better word) in unity. A unifying occasion.

    And if they're not, then I don't see the point in going.

    Or maybe I'm just on the side of using limited resources for an adventure for yourself/myself. I love family, but not any more than I love my own life.

  5. *smiles* I don't blame you for not going to the reunion...life's too short to be with people that suck the positivity out of us.

    And we all need therapists...but sometimes blogging is the best therapy. :)

  6. I think I would need to bring a bullet proof vest to any reunion we had - two of my sisters are a real worry and their husbands are total bastards - don't need the stress - go to Ireland and Scotland and Italy and the beach when you can!

  7. Mom - That's a nice way to look at it. I will love them from afar.

    Foxy - My daughter asked if I was concerned whether "he" finds out about it. I really don't care.

    Booda - Definitely going to go someplace new. Ireland probably.

    MHP - Blogging does help you sort it out in your head. Good thing they don't charge us.

    MC - It's a shame really but what are you going to do? Nothing but go on and lead your life without worrying about what others think, say and do.

  8. Let me know when you plan the Italy trip, IM IN!!!
    I also was not planning to go for the same reason, I have other vacation plans I would like to do with my kids and thats a trip that is costly for young kids.
    And what family member is this? I was not aware of someone not liking you cuz I think your very fun to be around. He also must not like most of us americans as we are pretty much the same, Loud!!