May 5, 2011

Alice doesn't live here anymore.

This is Alice. I really grew attached to her.  Even started wondering if I could manage a third dog,  Unfortunately they had to put her down at the shelter.  She had started to lunge at people as they walked by her cage.  Not the staff or the dog walkers but potential adopters.  It breaks my heart.  Alice really won me over with her sweet face and despite what I just wrote about her aggressive behavior, she loved the hugs and attention I gave her whenever I took her out to the exercise yard.  I tried to make a point of walking her whenever I went in.  But the shelter has to be very careful about dogs they adopt out.  As much as we like to think there are scores of Cesar Milans out there ready to rehabilitate "red-zone" dogs.  There aren't.  Too, too many pit bulls and not nearly enough people to adopt them.  What have we done to this breed?

I try so very hard to like people as much as I like animals but stuff like this makes it hard.  The way we treat our fellow creatures is inexcusable.  Yeah, I know, we treat each other that way too.  I guess we just suck all the way around.


  1. Breaks my Heart....

  2. This is so sad! dogs like this would be fine if not for the idiots that train them to be mean.

    My wife is a transporter for a rescue org. that handles a lot of pit bulls. Some of them end up at our house for short while. when they belong to normal folks, they are great dogs...
    thanks for being so nice and caring to that sweet looking girl!

  3. Don took all the RSPCA calls in our area for some years - he wept at what people do to dogs, cats, horses, cattle etc - and he was not popular with the hierarchy for the reason he would go out of his way to expose the real state of affairs