Jun 6, 2011

Things I Hate - Because That's the Kind of Mood I'm In!

Category: Food & Drink
Beer Nuts - Not sure why but whenever I smell Beer Nuts I throw up a little in my mouth.

Clam Chowder - Ditto above.  Sadly, for me, my husband loves clam chowder and orders it often.

Fish - Maybe not hate - more like can't be bothered.  Why order fish when you can get a nice juicy steak or some tender chicken.  Fish doesn't have enough substance.  I do however make an exception for canned tuna.

Sardines/Herrings - Cold fish that still look like fish, complete with the skin, bone impressions, occasionally a tail  - and all packed in a nice thick oil or a cold cream sauce.  Disgusting.

Tomato Juice (V8) - It just doesn't seem right to drink anything cold and tomatoey.   Could be a flashback to my Mom making me sit at the table and eat my tomato soup no matter how long it took me.

Raspberries - I don't like the seeds.  They're not chewable and they don't get digested.

Category:  Music
Heart - Their music is just harsh and ugly sounding.  Barracuda, Crazy For You.  Nah, it's just bad

The Police/Sting - It all started with the song Roxanne, I hate that song.  He sounds like a cat in heat wailing away.  The more I thought about it I realized I don't really like anything they do.  Too repetitive and  Sting always sounds so whispery.  Every Breath You Take - creepy, stalker song.  Message in a Bottle- hate the way he says anozher instead of another.  The Police suck.  Admit it.  You've just been afraid to go against popular convention.

Jazz - I just don't get the point.  Sounds like disjointed noise to me.  I can barely snap my fingers or tap my foot in time when there's a good beat.  Jazz just messes me all up.

Category: People
Republicans - Do I really need to explain this one?  Today I heard they want to cut school lunches for poor kids.  These people truly do represent the worst in us.  Greed, spite and callousness.  Plus none of them have a sense of humor.

Bad Drivers - They come in many varieties.  The left lane hogs driving 10 miles below the speed limit.  The guy who zips in front of you if give him even an inch, no blinker.  The cell phone talkers who weave in and out of lanes.  Although I'm more likely to cut them some slack now that I know they all have brain cancer.

Mean People - It's just as easy to cut somebody some slack as it is to go for the jugular.  It's just that one shows you have a shred of human decency and one shows what a cold hearted so and so you are.

That's enough for now.  I'm not in the hating mood anymore.  I just baked some mini blueberry muffins and am magically in a much better mood.  Excuse me while I go grab a couple.  I'm so damn easy to please.

PS:  I hate it when I burn the muffins.


  1. Blueberry muffins and other muffiny, donutty, baked treaty things can turn many a cranky-causing episode around. In my experience. So I'm glad the magic prevailed.

    On the other hand, I'm a little surprised you're not in a mood more often. Not so much a hating mood, but a 'oh, what the hell is wrong with people' mood. This is probably because I think of you representing many noble thingies. Okay, not so much noble as ... good: authenticity, intelligence, thoughtfulness, humility and fairness. While it's very good and necessary to forgive the world its flaws ... I don't know how you couldn't be annoyed first. Ha.

    The end. :)

  2. Booda - I do often find myself thinking, and sometimes even muttering under my breath, "What an idiot!" But I try not to let it slip into too much of what I do. It makes me feel like my grandmother when I get that way. A very imperious, self-righteous woman holding court from her living room chair.

  3. And you still wonder why people are afraid of you????

  4. What is Clam Chowder - have wondered this before? i am with you re the music Jazz (yuk) Sting (yuk)

    but I love sardines in police oil on occasion good for old women's bones you know - but if you don't like them you are with a majority

  5. I like all that food.
    I like all that music.
    I TOTALLY agree about the peopl...