Sep 3, 2009

How Do I Look?

So I asked my daughter this morning if my shoes looked OK. I was worried about the color. They are white sandals and my outfit was mostly black with some small white flowers all over the skirt. She answered me with a sideways tilt of her head and raised eyebrows.

Me ----> "What’s the matter with them?"

Her ----> They’re kind of 90’s aren’t they?

Hmmm, I might have bought them in the 90’s. I can’t remember. Maybe I need to start affixing expiration dates to my clothing and shoes, except for anything made of wool or cashmere. My grandmother told me items made from these fabrics are “timeless” and worth the investment.

Ever since our 25th Anniversary party in May I have been looking at old pictures with a new perspective. As a surprise my daughter put together a wedding album for us. It got passed around to everybody. There were quite a few comments about the mullets and the outdated styles worn by our wedding guests. What can I say? Everybody had a mullet back then. We also had leg warmers, ankle boots and white leggings. I make no apologies.

Let’s fast forward 25 years and see what the next generation thinks of your skinny jeans and big baggy purses with chains and baubles hanging off of them everywhere. They will wonder why you wore shirts that don’t cover your bellies. I bet they’ll get a kick out of how your pants hung halfway down your ass too. And croc's... I defy anybody to explain why they were caught dead in a pair of those godawful shoes. Today’s fashion is tomorrow’s fodder for ridicule.


  1. You are so right. But eventually everything that goes out of fashion will one day return. I can not believe some of the stuff I wore in the 60's is making a "new" debut now.

  2. Did we have the same Grandmother? I do not recall her ever giving me any fashion advice. Though you always were the favorite. Don't forget, our grandparents' nickname for you was "Droopy Drawers." Maybe you were the inspiration for today's trend. Though I have heard rumors it started in prison. And I won't explain here the significance of droopy drawers in prison.

  3. Rae - All the young girls are wearing huge sunglasses. Hell, we wore those back in the 80's.

    Sis - Wow..... nice...... outing me on the nickname. Shall we tell everybody the significance of Breezy??? Oma gave me lots of advice. I was her favorite but it all balances out because you have some of the family squarely in your corner.

  4. There was a time when I wouldn't be caught in public without my Nuvos and Wing Tips!
    Once the Nehru jacket hit the streets,I stopped caring about fashion.
    Now..I think it's only fair that you tell us how Breezy got her nickname!

  5. Sling - Rumor has it that if you blow into one of my sister's ears people on the other side will feel the breeze. This phenomenon is especially noticeable when she is playing cards.

  6. I nearly broke my neck in a pair of "padded" crocs - I didn't lift my feet high enough and tripped on the sho itself - but then again it was after a glass of vino - no it was the crocs definately

  7. Anything from the 90s would be would be one of my new outfits.

  8. I SO agree with you on this. But I have to say, I tried on a pair of my sister-in-law's croc's one day, and oh. my. Lord. They are so freakin' comfortable! :)

    I say screw fashion, wear what feels good. :)

  9. My oldest found a pic of me and his mom from 6 months before he was born and said something similar about our dress and hair styles.

    But I prob have pics of him being Potty Trained or something so we're even I'd say..:)

  10. ...and what about words like "juicy" and "sexy" pasted on thirteen-year-old girls' butts? THAT is a fad I can't wait to see pass!

  11. MC - Crocs - ugly and lethal! Who knew?

    MHP - I'm sure they are ultra comfortable. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

    Grish - Their time will come. I hear potty training pictures go over well at birthday parties and such. You could make it into one of those picture cakes.

    Kate - Amen. That's one fashion trend over which I would have to put my foot down.