Sep 30, 2009

Taking the Good with the Bad

half storm, half sun, all gnat
Pros: The boost in your confidence because all the fat bulges are smoothed out.
Cons: The uncomfortable, sausage-like feeling you get from being encased in tight lycra.

Pros: Crisp, cool air that makes you feel alive. Beautiful fall colors everywhere you look. Football and hockey season are starting up.
Cons: Winter peeking around the corner with it’s grey clouds, ready to blanket Michigan for the next 6 months.

Pros: The boost to your energy level from getting the heart pumping. The weight loss.
Cons: Fumbling around trying to follow the instructor which is really difficult for you because you couldn’t dance if your life depended on it. Sweating profusely.

Being busy at work
Pros: The productive feeling you get from accomplishing things. The day goes by faster.
Cons: The constant, nagging feeling that you are dropping the ball on something important.

New outfits
Pros: Feeling all sassy and kicky in your brand spankin’ new work outfits.
Cons: Your old outfits feel frumpy and dumpy in comparison.

Two weeks and 3 days until the wedding
Pros: The big day is in sight and it involves a big party with all our friends and family there. Spending time with the family to plan and do all the little tasks that need to be done before the wedding. Get to meet both the fiancĂ©’s parents.
Cons: Two weeks and 3 days until your little girl goes off to have a house and home of her own. All the crazy, little details we have forgotten that keep popping into my head in the middle of the night.

Making your blog public
Pros: Making lots of internet friends.
Cons: Strangers being led to your blog by creepy google searches like "pretty boys in dresses". pretty-boy  This type of search has now by-passed the former leader "good blog names".  Yes, I know repeating it will  only make it worse.   I guess the more time they waste here the better.


  1. Life is full of good and bad. You have covered it well.
    I predict a beautiful wedding with smiles and tears.

  2. There sure is a lot of truth in all that you wrote. I agree the blog search thing is puzzling. I get searches from my post about old ladies with tattoos. It is unreal that so many people care about that. Human nature - just can't be explained.

  3. Yup, you got pretty much all of the important topics. Spanx...not worth the good feeling except after they are removed.

  4. You are spot on, sistah! :) I feel the same way about these things--especially about Spanx, Autumn, and Jazzercise.

    And as far as Jazzercise goes, I've never done jazzercise, but I have *attempted* to do dance exercise videos, and I'm sooo uncoordinated. The best/least complicated one I've seen so far is "Walk Away the Pounds"--I love the Walk Away the Pounds Walk/Kick DVD.

  5. Mom - My whole family will be bawling I'm sure. My sister and daughter work at the same company. My sister is the HR person there so my daughter brought her the employee change form to change her name and get her new husband added. My sister started to tear up when she saw my daughter using her soon to be new last name.

    Rae - I can take strange, depraved worries me a little bit.

    Rosemary - It is a relief to take Spanx off. I was test driving a pair for the wedding.

    MHP - Went again last night... second time around. It was better but still laughable. The treadmill is so much easier.

  6. My martial arts instructor's wife owned a Jazzercise studio.
    She asked us to participate in making a Jazzercisee video that featured several other Jazzersize studios.
    The good: I got to meet Judy Sheppard Misset.
    The bad: Jazzercise kicked my ass.

  7. P.S..Jazzercise is a made up word,and I can misspell(mis-spell?..Ms.Pell?)it any way I want. :P

  8. Sling - no extra credit for correctly spelled comments on my blog... however, you can earn points for superior wit and charm... Sling A+

  9. I'm not worried about strangers finding my blog - its some of my sneaky, sly and dishonest relatives who are the worry.