Oct 12, 2009

It Ain't Just a River in Egypt

In Blue: MSS - Ms. Say-It-Ain’t-So – She is the part of me that is hitting the reality of my daughter moving out like a brick wall.

In Red: FGG - Frau Get-a-Grip - The pragmatic side of me. Notice she’s German? That’s because that’s where that side of me comes from.

MSS: What is she doing in there?

FGG: She’s packing up all her things to move out.

MSS:  Really? Even the stuff on the walls? I mean, it all seems so final. It’s like there’s no turning back.

FGG: Well it is final, stupid! She’s getting married. She’s off to start a home of her own. Isn’t that what you planned all along? You, with your big talk of raising your kids to be independent, self confident adults, able to take care of themselves. Didn’t you realize that this is what that leads to?

MSS: Well, yeah. But it’s much easier to deal with as a concept than as a reality.

FGG: Sheesh. What do you want? Your kids to live with you until they are 30?

MSS: No… I never thought so. But now that I think about it can’t we just have her husband move in here. We could be sort of like an extended family. Lots of cultures do that you know.

FGG: Quit your sniveling. You have a wedding to put on. You make me sick.


  1. Don't you just hate trying to argue with Germans.

  2. And for all these years I thought you had it so together... Snap out of it!

    I just hope these are internal dialogues. :)

  3. After watching 3 of my children marry, I completly agree.

  4. Sling is spot on. My kids left home about 17 both of them for good with a few interludes when they fell on their faces and came home for a few weeks - - its been so long now but I can still recall how devastating it was when I really took it all in that they were off, just as I had been when I left at 17- -its a hard time and often comes at menopause so its even worse...

  5. I'm Italian and German....I would have had a lot of hand gestures and four letter words in there. Do you have cats or dogs....if you do start being nicer to them...or get some of each. They are pretty good substitutes at times.

  6. Sling - they're so stubborn, and cold to boot. No wonder they have such a bad rep - besides the whole holocaust thing and all......

    G-Box - All it will take is one or two good stiff drinks at the reception and I'll be fine.

    Mom - It doesn't get easier with the next one? Great.

    MC - I expect it all to really hit me about four days after the wedding when all the guests are gone.

    Rosemary - The cat is going with my daughter. We do have two dogs. I refuse, however, to start referring to ourselves as the dogs' mommy and daddy.

  7. *smiles* I'm sure you're in good company--I'll bet that every Mom goes through this when their daughter gets married. (Not that that helps at all, but at least you know you're not alone. :))

    Also, you are so totally going to refer to yourselves as the dogs' mommy and daddy! *hee hee*

  8. MHP - well, at least not in front of anybody.

  9. Both of you is/are? so ...reasonable. I'm kind of impressed you didn't drag your daughter into the discussion. There's always SOMEONE who wants to enlist someone else on their side. :)

    I wonder what conversation's going on in your daughter's head ...

  10. LOL...oh boy. I'm here getting caught up on blog reading, finally! Happy Thursday!

  11. Booda - my daughter just would have sided with FGG. That's my girl.

    Julie - Thanks - Thursday was a happy day... rehearsal and all. Friday the wedding day was even better. Today is Sunday. Time to relax.