Oct 4, 2009

The Aftermath

This is what my dining room table looked like after Wedding Wednesday this week.  Click the pic to enlarge if you want to really experience the chaos.  There were 8 of us from three generations with an age span from youngest to oldest of 47 years.  We each had our assignments.  Some assignments were more glamorous than others (like my sister wrapping the ribbon around the flower stems of the chuch pew decorations) but all of them bring us one step closer to being prepared for the big day.

We got quite a bit accomplished.  Those candles and white pumpkins you see are for the centerpieces at the reception.  There was some debate over the placement of the ribbon.  But if there's one piece of advice I have for those helping prepare for a wedding its.... "The bride's opinion prevails."  That's as it should be.  It is her day after all.  The fairytale day that we all dream about, whether we admit it or not.

The centerpiece will be beautiful.  See the little discs of wood.  The centerpiece will be big blocks of wood like that with three candles of varying heights, white pumpkin, falll leaves, acorns and a big spider mum with no stem.  I'll post pics after the wedding.

The small discs of wood are for the name card holders.  That's the reason we needed the wire cutters you see pictured there.  Copper wire got wrapped around that pen to form a circly thing to stick the cards in.  The wire got glued into a tiny drilled hole in the discs of wood.  Very rustic.  My thumb was numb for four days from wrapping wire. 

The basket on the table will be the card holder.  I'm going to make a box with a slit in the top, cover it in pretty ribbon, place it in the middle of the basket and then put real apples all around it.  Struggling a little on dressing this basket up without making it gawdy.

The "Dollar Tree" receipt you see there is from the fall leave garlands that will be placed on the railing around the room.  They will have little white twinkly lights twined with them too.  Oooooo..... pretty.

The clothes pin is for a bridal shower game.  The bridal shower is today.  I really should be off doing something shower related. 


  1. Admit it..I can see from the catastrophic array that you're having fun! :)
    ..and that you're right handed,and taking the occasional break from the chaos to brush up on your writing skills.
    Now if I can just figure out what the clothespin is for..

  2. If you'll notice the clothespin is bedazzled and bejeweled. It was for a shower game. Every woman at the shower got one... they also got a list of words they could not speak at the shower... Luis, wedding, dress, reception. If you said one of those words the person who caught you got your clothespin. Winner was the person with the most clothespins.

    How did you know I was right handed?

  3. Thank you so much for the down low on the clothespin!..Now I can sleep. ;)
    Easy peasy on the right-handed thing.
    The objects to be worked on are placed on the left,and the tools(including the writing implements),are placed on the right...I work with my hands too.
    Also,I noted that your very favorite Vanilla Coke is strategically located at the 'top' of your work area,so as not to be accidentally spilled on your project.
    The sign of a true craftsperson!

  4. OH! I love a fall wedding, I was married on Oct. 28th (2006) and I was hoping for one of those beautiful crisp New England Day, we had a hurricane, but it was still fun and my guests even to this day always say how they will never forget the wedding and the 80 mile an hour wind gusts!

    Have fun crafting! it sounds SO lovely!! -kate

  5. Oh my what a wonderful lot of chaos. I do look forward to pictures of the finished product and the beautiful wedding.

  6. Kate - Gosh I hope we don't get a hurricane. The big day just started showing up on the 10 day forecast. Both my daughter and I check it everyday.

    Mom - It is wonderful chaos. I will be sure to post pics after the wedding. Funny how everything for the past year has been defined as before or after the wedding. What will I do with myself once this is all over with?

  7. Looks like it was great fun....the bride will be so pleased with the end results and will remember this forever. pst wedding you might cry a bit, but photos will remind you of all of the fun and love that was shared. This reminded me of my youngest son's wedding. His wife is Japanese and they had to make a "Coat of Arms" of her family name for the wedding. It required folding small squares of gold paper into cranes. I made two and was fired. I am eager to see the wedding photos. Isn't sling amazing?

  8. How exciting/chaotic! :) I hope it's all going well...keep us posted! :)

  9. Oh, that looks like fun!!

    And ... No one probably WANTS a wedding in a hurricane, but you'll have some spectacular pictures and exciting YouTube video if that's what you get.

  10. Rosemary - Thanks for the tip on crying. I will be sure to take lots of tissues. And Sling is amazing.

    MHP - I will keep you all in the crazy, chaotic loop.

    Booda - Snow is more likely than a hurricane for us in Michigan. Whatever the weather brings it will be an awesome day.

  11. Our youngest is getting married next September - I can come to you for tips huh???She lives so far away so I am going to have to visit heaps - I got married at the courthouse, no flowers, and had the party in the back yard. I only had my mum and our two daughters on my side - so I know how you feel - times have changed so much - marriage is really IN these days where it was anything but in in the early 1970'2

  12. MC - Marriage is an industry in and of itself these days. And an over-priced industry at that!