Dec 14, 2009

Christmas Wonders

Why does everything happen on fast forward these days? One minute I’m complaining about Christmas music starting too soon and the next I’m woefully behind on my Christmas shopping. I have a few gifts purchased but still need a few more, plus all the stocking stuffers. I have the most fun filling the stockings, finding that mix between practical and whimsical.

We put the tree up yesterday. It was very strange to do it without the kids there. Every year each of kids would pull their favorite ornaments from the box and hang them carefully on the tree. Somehow we always ended up talking about memories from Christmases past. This year it was just me replaying those memories in my head. The husband is a bigger fan of Thanksgiving than he is of Christmas. Tinsel was always the last step. My daughter thinks she is the best tinseller in the family. She is probably right, being so precise and particular comes in handy for tinsel. Too much is gaudy and too little is not noticeable.

Last year we bought a beautiful fake pre-lit tree. I had always been one of those holier than thou “Only a real tree will do” type person. But like so many other things, practicality begins to overtake aesthetics the older you get. (This phenomenon also explains the popularity of the comfortable, yet ridiculous looking, Snuggie.)  We have a burnt out bulb that has blacked out the lights on the mid section of the tree.  Ugghhh.  Going to have to pull out bulb by bulb til I find the culprit.

One thing that stayed the same was the dogs being underfoot while the tree is being put up. Even though it’s an annual thing, they never know what to make of all the commotion. This year was especially confusing for them since we moved the tree to a new corner of the family room.

So here I sit, wrapped up in my Snuggie, looking at my beautiful, half lit tree, adjusting to the changes in my family this Christmas and fighting the urge to buy the dogs some presents to go under the tree. If I thought they’d care the urge would be irresistible. I wonder when this will feel normal.


  1. My mom broke down and bought a fake tree when we all moved out. She stated the same reasons you did. And I sure hope there's a Snuggie under her fake Christmas morning! Ridiculous they are but oh-so-cuddly!

  2. I find my fake tree looks lovely with all my old, sentimental decorations hanging from it's pre-lit branches. I miss the help of kids and grandkids, but I do love wrapping up in my old blanket (No snuggie here) and remembering all the happy and the not so happy Christmases past. Christmas is full of memory.

  3. Kate - At least it's not a silver tree. I remember those from my childhood. One time in a Snuggie and your Mom will be a believer.

    Mom - Definitely looking forward to grandkids at Christmas. It will be a few years though.

  4. Weren't those silver trees just awful!
    I'm still a real tree snob I suppose.
    It's been many years since I've spent Christmas with the kids,so I can tell you that it decidedly does not feel normal.
    ..I hope that helps.

  5. Sling.... just as I suspected. Endurable but never the same.

  6. Steve insists on a real tree...he has some sympathy thing for non purchased trees and we wait until the worst of the worst are the only choices left. It never feels right, comfy or fun with my kids and grandkids 1500, 3000, 900 miles away. New traditions are born, we get a hurried call as they are going out the door to other homes and there are no packages to be opened with eyes of wonder at the season. We try to visit every other year, but $$$ will hamper that in the future. We will decorate a tree, cook a big meal and then sit in front of the TV and each wonder to ourselves why. I wish it was different. But for me it isn't. Sorry to be sad here...but I am.

  7. It IS all going by sooo fast! But I'm glad you have a Snuggie, too, and that you can sit around in your Snuggie sometimes and soak up a little peace and comfort. :)

    Happy Holidays, my friend. :)

  8. Rosemary - ugly trees need love too I guess. Sorry to be so dismal. I shouldn't really complain. We will be together Xmas Eve. Just adjusting.

    MHP - Snuggies are awesome..... I sang that that last word in case you couldn't tell.

  9. My God they had snuggies over here last winter...not cold enough for that for me in our winters and i would probably break my legs trying to walk about with one on...