Dec 6, 2009

Not going to say "Told you so." Well, maybe.

I have never liked Tiger.  I hate the fist pump most, followed closely by the childish temper tantrums he throws after making a bad shot.  I admire his golfing talent but have always thought the man's character left something to be desired. 

I once sat through a speech made by Tiger's Dad at a conference dinner.  It was a rambling speech that seemed to have no other point than "I am an awesome father as evidenced by my awesome offspring and you all suck as parents so go home and focus on your kids."  I am not exaggerating.  The man was an ass.  It became crystal clear to me why Tiger is such an arrogant jerk.  I am not surprised in the slightest that he has slept around throughout his marriage.  The whole thing reminds me of Prince Charles marrying Diana to produce his offspring while he carried on with Camilla as usual. 

Even us non PR consultants know what Tiger needs to to do here.  Apologize for his indiscretions in a very public way.  Be sure to look genuinely contrite and try to get your wife to stand by your side while you are doing it.  Why hasn't he appeared in public?  Two reasons I think.  First he has to wait for the steady stream of tramps that he has slept with to die down.  What's it up to now?  Six?  Second reason,  humility is not in his nature. 

Oh and Mrs. Woods.... way to go with the golf club. 


  1. I'm not surprised either.
    I've tended bar for those country club types,and most of their conversation revolves around how much money they make,how superior they are to working class folks,and how much they want to screw the coctail watresses.

  2. As my hubby said, "He's playing 18 ho's." LOL! :)

    P.S. My word verification is "dingsack." That pretty much says it all, doesn't it? *hee hee*

  3. Sling - what sad little lives they lead.

    Mom - The only thing that surprises mne is the total disregard for his marriage vows. Just carrying on with any and apparently every woman he took an interest in.

    MHP - how clever and it has the potential to be accurate. I think we are up to 9 now. And dingsack is the perfect word for him.

  4. I'm really happy to find I've got no opinion at all. It's just interesting, Tiger Woods as a microscope. There are SO many little squiggly things to examine (from a distance. A long distance.)

    PS. JUST about to push 'publish' when I had to enter my word v. crimeds.

    I LOVE the word verification gods. They are RIGHT on top of shit.

  5. Booda - People magazine and all the tabloid trash are happy indeed that you are in the minority. Celebrity sells, and disgraced celebrity sells even more.

    MC - hehe.... you're not fooling me.

  6. I was surprised....don't follow golf, don't follow Tiger the hump. He is pretty much toilet scum though. Damn good about that club Elin!!