May 20, 2010

Bumping and Grinding

Best trip to Vegas ever.... Good company, good food, a nice jackpot on the slots day one that subsidized my bad blackjack luck the rest of the week. The room was great with the best view of Vegas we've ever had. It was really hard to come home to the same old grind.

Speaking of grinds, when did dancing turn into bumping and grinding your behind into somebody's groin.    We went to the VooDoo club on the top of the Rio.  Got there before the crowds and chose the lower deck because it was a little quieter and had a great view.  By the time I needed to visit the ladies room the upper deck was packed with young hard bodies grinding away at each other.  I literally was propelled from one side of the deck to other by all the thrusting.  I felt like somebody owed me dinner afterwards.  And the dresses these girls are wearing.  Little black dress is not accurate.  It's more like miniscule black dress.  The reason these places don't have seats is these girls couldn't possibly sit down in those things.

Stayed at the Mirage, my favorite place to gamble and sleep and then gamble some more.   The dealers there are so friendly you hardly notice they are taking your money.  New favorite drink is the Lemon Drop martini and my new favorite bar scene is "Dueling Pianos".  Saw an awesome duo at Napolean's in Paris.  Great music and very funny.  

When can I go back?


  1. bump and grind, match with the photos!

    Las Vegas is an amazing place. We almost always stay at the Mirage also. Last weekend we drove by Vegas on our way to Utah. First time EVER that I haven't stopped.
    I wouldn't go into one of those clubs now, but back in the day...

  2. The only time I've been to Vegas was on a family road trip - we stopped on our way to Disneyland. Somehow, I don't think at 14 I could appreciate all that Vegas has to offer. I really do need to make the trip. Sounds like a great trip.

  3. i have never enjoyed myself in vegas. perhaps i wasn't doing it right?

  4. Sounds fabulous, so glad you had a great time.

  5. Pat - Back in the day I was too self conscious to go to those clubs. Now I view it as sort of a sociological expedition.

    Dawn - Even thought they tried the whole "kid friendly" thing it is definitely a grown up Disneyland.

    mi - Vegas isn't everybody's cup of tea. Do you gamble? If not, that could seriously limit your Vegas fun.

    Foxy - It was super fabulous.

  6. Glad you had fun--and yeah, the whole "bump and grind" dancing is WAY annoying.

    Oh, and I LOVE Dueling Piano fun!! :) There's one in Chicago that I've been to several times--it's always a huge, loud party scene. If you ever visit here, it's called "Howl at the Moon." So much fun! :)

  7. I've never been to Vegas, but would like to do it one time, focusing on hitting what's left of the old sleazy mobbed-up Vegas. I'll consult with my friend Joe, who is an expert on that particular aspect of it.

    Of course, it sounds like Vegas has got a new sleaze on...

  8. I've always had a blast in Vegas!
    It's not losing money,it's spending money having a good time.

  9. When you go again I want to come too. Please.

  10. MHP - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll write it on a sticky and put it on my Chicago pop up map.

    Johnny - Sleazy is the right word for it. All about money and sex. The mobsters added a certain mystique that is missing now.

    Sling - Too bad the good time isn't always proportionate to the amount of money you spend.

    Mom - Blogger meet up in Vegas.... let's DO IT!