May 5, 2010

Jack or Sawyer?

Only 3 episodes of Lost left and there will officially be nothing on TV to watch anymore. This has been one awesome season. I’ve been with them from the beginning, never waivered. Even during the rough seasons where the plot was all over the place leading you to believe the writers were making it up episode by episode with no idea how it all fit together. Even through the season I missed because of a certain spouse who erased four episodes forcing me to wait for the season release on DVD. Through thick and thin.

One sure fire hook for me and many women I think is that every week we are presented with two archetypes of male attractiveness that are, at least for me, irresistible. The All American handsome doctor vs. the Hardass, Hardbody Troubled Soul. And just like the lead female character, Kate, we go back and forth between the two. Jack or Sawyer? We know what we mean when we ask each other that question.

In a perfect world you would live in a matriarchal society where you could have them both. But who’s kidding who here? Matriarchal societies were done away with once organized religion found a way to marginalize anything feminine. I decided religion wasn’t for me when I heard a sermon about how the husband was like the head of the body and the wife was the neck, there to support him. Off track, off topic and sure to offend somebody so I’ll try to course correct here.

So, given that we must choose, who do you go for? Jack or Sawyer? I have to go with Sawyer. The bad boy has always held more appeal for me. They are more of a challenge, they argue better, and are less likely to leave you once you get older. I imagine the Jacks of the world spend a little too much time gazing at themselves in mirrors. They know they are breathtakingly handsome and never let you forget it.

My daughter sent me a link with pictures of the Lost actors before they were famous. The pictures of Jack and Sawyer were from their high school days. There was Jack in his football uniform looking all dreamy and unobtainable. And there was Sawyer, looking as if he was skipping school and headed out to find some trouble somewhere. That sealed the deal.. Sawyer, all the way.


  1. i have never seen an episode of lost.
    by the time i heard how great it was, it was already in it's second season and i figured i'd catch up with dvds.
    well, that never happened.

    i hope you can find a replacement that you enjoy just as much!

  2. Sawyer. Definitely Sawyer.

    Frankly I'll be glad when the show winds up, it seems too much to keep track of week-to-week (who's following who, etc). And this week? WORST EPISODE EVER!! I think you know what I mean.

    But I will miss Sawyer. Especially 70's Sawyer -- smart glasses, leader, man with a plan, domesticated. Yum. :)

  3. NO CONTEST for me. Sawyer. He's been a weekly muse avatar (my Monday blog tradition) once, but graced my dreams frequently.

    I've never watched Lost. But I watch a LOT of Sawyer on my google image slideshow :-)

  4. PS - I tagged you today :-P

  5. btw - just saw this and knew i had to send you the link.

    oi. i don't know how to do the linky thing in the comment boxes.

  6. Ummm Hello!? Jack Shephard! So much more handsome than Sawyer. And smarter, and calmer, and less likely to be arrested! Mom, I think our choices speak clearly to the differences in our personalities. Would you agree?

  7. You really should have made Hurley an option here.

    Even though I'd still probably end up going with Sawyer...

  8. Marshall. Marshall Marshall in In Plain Sight.

    Oh. Didn't I get to vote for the only tv shows I get (and I get them through Hulu). I love that show. It's like West Wing, only it's the witness protection program.

  9. Humm....I tried to watch this show....but I missed some episodes and could never catch up or figure out what had happened. I'm hooked on The Good Wife at the moment after tiring of headlines ripped off with Law & Order and some of the worst acting e.v.e.r. from David Caruso on CSI Miami....

  10. mi - you should rent the DVD's and watch it but I now how it is with little ones. Hard to make time for stuff like that. Happy to report my DO posters stayed firmly taped to the wall ;-)

    G - I knew which way you'd vote. 70's Sawyer indeed.

    Dawn - You don't need to be a fan of Lost to see the Sawyer appeal. Thanks for the tag - I'll check it out.

    Miss Erica - You always were a good two shoes.. just ask your brother.

    JP - Hurly is an acquired taste. After you get to know him. With Jack and Sawyer you don't need to know anything about them to feel it.

    Sling - OK - fine you can have Kate. Just leaves Jack and Sawyer for the me.

    Booda - Never heard of that show. I'll have to check it out now that I'm in the market.

    Rosemary - I've heard good things about the Good Wife. I always liked that actress.

  11. I've never watched this show, but I do likes me a healthy mix of good boy/bad boy. :)

    My hubby is a good boy with a bad-ass steak. Once he stopped two guys from mugging a woman in downtown Chicago. One of the guys was wearing headphones which Iwanski promptly grabbed and threw to the ground, and demanded they give the woman her purse back...he even said "I'll kick your ass" and then quickly apologized to the woman for his "foul language." LOL! I'll have to blog about that someday. :)

  12. Are the bad boys the ones in the suits and ties? Thats usually the case...give me the rough diamods anyday...much prefer the smell of the outdoors to the smell of vinyl office seats and air conditioning

  13. MHP - Those are the best kind. Bad enough to be thrilling but still able to hold down a job and pay the rent.

    MC - Good point.

  14. hmmm. how did the "bad boy" work out for Sandra B?