Aug 8, 2010

My Feet are Killing Me

Back when I visited Japan in '97 I took along four pairs of shoes.   Two of them were new.  One of my new pairs was a cute, little  pair of black leather ankle boots.  (OK they weren't little but they were cute).  They looked good with jeans and with my black dress slacks.  They also wreaked havoc with the little toe on my left foot.

Here we are 13 years later and that toe is still messed up.  I probably should go to the foot doctor but I don't like the idea of people messing around with my feet.  Except of course for my husband.   But, he won't come near them.   A girl should be able to get a foot massage once in awhile don't you think?  I'll admit they're not my most attractive feature but they're better than my sister's feet.  Sorry sis.

I learned a valuable lesson from that trip.  Never take new shoes to a country where it will be impossible to replace them.  I wear a size 11 woman's shoe, I don't think there's a woman on the entire island nation of Japan with a size 11 foot.  Unless of course there's some freakishly big farm girl up in the mountain regions or something.    But I probably wouldn't want her shoes anyway.  

I recently bought some shoes form E-bay.  (Another lesson learned - don't buy shoes off ebay unless you are familiar with the manufacturer's sizing.)  They are very nice shoes and I really wish they fit but they don't.  So here I sit, stuck with a pair of size 11 plum colored ballet flats that nobody wants.  

Enter, Mr. Gomez.  I get an email from the lady I ebayed the shoes from.  She forwards me the email address of Mr. Gomez, who is interested in my shoes even if I've worn them.  I email him and immediately get a response back.  He explains that he lives in Mexico and would like to buy not only these shoes, but any size 11 shoes I have, new or used.    He says he prefers flat shoes and wears a 10.5 shoe.

I am assuming that Mr. Gomez is a transvestite and, like me in Japan in 1997,  is stuck in a country with little to no footwear options.  I feel for the guy.  Today I'll be taking pictures of my used shoes and emailing them to him.  I probably won't even charge him for the cute little black leather ankle boots.


  1. Awesome! My best friend shares your pain. Even in Canada she has a hard time finding size 11 shoes and most of the cute styles don't come that big.

  2. One of the many reasons I love my husband is that he rubs my feet almost every night. it is a small piece of heave.
    Sounds like Mr Gomez is an angel from heaven for you - an angel with size 11 feet.

  3. First off, great photo and caption!

    I had the same experience in Japan! I ended up using whatever I could find to streeetch my shoe a bit.It helped some, but not enough. Now my little toe tends to face outward instead of normal.

    good post!

  4. I am having a crap day and this is the first time I laughed.
    I too take a size 11. I am never going to Japan. Well without lots of shoes anyway.

  5. Wow, isn't that something? *hee hee*

    I just went to the foot doc a couple of weeks ago--well worth the visit. My sore foot/heel is already feeling better...of course, it could be because I finally ditched the shoes that I bought on the internet (d'oh!) and bought a half-size larger.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one with big feet *smiles* - my feet are now size 9 1/2 wide. Feet do grow as you get older, right? I would hate to think it's the weight that I've gained over the past year, making my feet bigger. :)

  6. Thanks! I had a nightmare last night that I was working in a plant and couldnt get through security because you had to have grey shoes on and I had black shoes on. I could not find any grey shoes ANYWHERE. All your fault :}

  7. Hell..I'm amazed that there's a guy in Japan with size 11 feet!
    ..One of those transvestite Sumo wrestlers you hear about,no doubt.

  8. Foxymoron I think our size elevens are different they are based on fractional fitting - in the old sizing I would have taken size 7 but under fractional fitting I am size 10 - that big enough but my niece is a 14 - she wears mens sneakers a lot...

    Random Thinker funny to think of some trannie down Mexico way wearing your dainties

  9. Hum, I wear a 6 1/2 and have trouble finding shoes tight, too big in the heel, to whatever. I will never, ever buy clothes or shoes from eBay again....ever. handbags, yup. I have gotten shoes from Zappo's and got free shipping both ways. i have a lovely bunion from wear FM-pumps when I was young and something...and as a nurse was on my feet all day long. Gee, Steve says he loves to rub my feet....want him to email your hubby?

  10. I'm thinking there's a lonnggg story connected to Mr. Gomez