Jul 29, 2010

Better the Second Time Around

I've changed my mind about leftovers.   I used to turn up my nose at leftovers.  My husband always had free reign to snack on them, take them for lunch and eventually feed them to the dog.  Much to his dismay, there was no way I was serving them for dinner.   He comes from a family where food showed up on the table night after night until it was all gone.

I made a few exceptions.  Anything in the soup family was good for a second night.  Thanksgiving turkey was used for sandwiches for at least a week.  Pizza. That was pretty much it though.

Recently, I have done a complete about face and also figured out why it was I didn't like to cook leftovers.  There was never enough for all four of us to get a complete second meal.  That essentially meant having to cook two half meals to feed the whole family.  Working Moms don't have time for nonsense like that. 

Things are different now.  Since it's mostly just my dear husband and me for dinner these days there's usually enough for a second meal when I cook something.  I'll even cook a little extra to make sure there are leftovers.  Cuts cooking time in  half, saves on groceries and makes my husband very happy. 

Sorry dogs, you'll just have to be satisfied with your kibble.


  1. I totally get this! My stepdaughter is living with her mom this year and I've just figured out how to cook enough for my hubby and I - AND have leftovers. And really, some things truly taste better the next day :-)

  2. I cook once or twice a week. The rest of the time we eat "previously prepared cuisine."

  3. I LOVE leftovers when they're tasty leftovers! :) This week we had leftover Thai feast at Iwanski's sister's house: Leftover chicken satay, pad thai, Mussuman curry, chicken legs, spring rolls, and papaya/carrot salad. YUM! :)

  4. i am a fan of leftovers, though honestly since i don't really cook mine are of the restaurant variety.

    my man hates leftovers and won't eat them. i think he's part lion who needs it to be a fresh kill. i guess that makes me part vulture?

  5. Leftovers are a eal timesaver. They usually taste better than the first time also. On thursday and friday we wipe out the leftovers from the previous week...saves money also.

    A question! Do you heat the leftover pizza up, or eat it cold?

  6. I have a husband, and a dog who take care of the leftovers. My hubby can put anything on a sandwich, I mean it, anything! The dog has trouble with it due to not having opposible thumbs.
    I cannot eat leftover pizza anymore, although my son prefers it. Two days old at times.

  7. I used to think I hated leftovers too, I guess that's your fault huh? Two is truly the perfect size - Luis and I eat leftovers all the time.

    Pizza's a tricky one, I don't like it cold, but the microwave makes the crust chewy, so the only way to reheat them is in the oven. It's worth the extra time, and c'mon, it's easier than cooking again.

  8. I used to cook massive irish Stews and forced them on my family night after night (not very often) one day i came home and out the front near the gate was my stewpot underneasth a sign which said "Stew for sale bring your own pot"
    humph - now i just have a lot of eggs for tea 9dinner)

  9. i just can't do leftovers....currently we have fish, stir fry and tuna in the fridge....Steve will take care of it all. He will have them tonight...ick....and I am thinking I will for the first time in 3 years have a scrambled egg sandwich. what the hell...one egg won't hurt...I've already had the heart attack. I do like to put left over chicken and turkey in a soup tho.

  10. Dawn - I reheated some pot roast the other day. It was to die for. Definitely better the second day.

    Mom - lol... love it.

    MHP - I love leftover Mexican food myself. Not crazy about Thai food. I'll have to give it another try since it's been awhile since I ate some.

    mi - I like the no cooking part of it best.

    Pat - I like my pizza reheated in the oven. I can do cold if necessary but it's not my preference.

    Foxy - I have to stop my husband from feeding some things to the dogs. I just don't think they should eat spicy stuff. He argues that they eat cat poop (gross I know, but true) so what's a little spice going to do to them.

    Miss Erica - I'm probably to blame for your dislike of fish too.

    MHP - I would probably eat rice 3 or 4 times a week if it was only me. A little butter, a little salt.... mmmm.

    Rosemary - Try the egg subsititute. Unless you're a true egg connoisseur you won't be able to tell the difference.