Mar 26, 2011

You Can't Make Me

This is one of my favorite pictures.   Partly because we are so happy.  Though the reason I really like it is it shows the lengths we'll  go to for this stupid dog we love so much.

It was during a camping trip up north.  I don't remember where, some state park, Cheboygan maybe.  We were walking some trails in the park and came to a bridge.  It was coated with a sort of sand paper type material meant to prevent slips.  Chance clearly didn't like it.  He gingerly walked about 10 yards across the bridge.   Then one of his nails got caught in a gap between the boards.  He yelped.

He absolutely refused to move any further.  No amount of pulling, coaxing, yelling or cajoling was going to get Chance to move either forward or backward.  We had no choice but to carry him.  It was a long bridge.  And yes we carried him back across after our hike was over with too.

From now I am going to "like" every health/sickness/medical testing related facebook status that in my opinion goes too far.  I'm sure to lose some friends over it but I might as well go out making a statement.

It's OK to mention you are fighting a cold, going for a checkup....... simple updates with not too private information.  But some people go too far.  I do not need to know you are scheduling an appointment to get your tubes tied.  I don't want to read word for word the report you got on your CAT scan.  I don't need daily updates on the tests you are having to determine what is causing you to vomit incessantly.

Don't you people have email accounts?  Because truly, only your friends are interested.  And they're probably faking it.  


  1. I loved both parts of this post! What a cute (and stubborn) pooch you got there.

    As to FB. Who really gives a darn about every little detail of a persons life? I sure don't!!!

  2. THANK you for saying that! I'd add to it that I also don't want to hear about what colors your kid is vomiting up either! you're right, don't these people have email?

  3. I love the picture.
    So I guess you don't want to hear what the doctor said about my latest pap test.

  4. Love the photo - its a real hoot - oh and did I mention that have an appointment with my doctor at 1.20 on Monday 4th to have a prescription filled for my blood pressure which is...blah blah blah

    God save me from these people