Apr 20, 2011

How about if I beg?

Oh how I long to open the windows and let some fresh air into the house.  Our climate confused planet is not cooperating though.  Winter just won't let go. It's been cold, rainy and we even had snow a few days ago. An inch or so that lasted about four hours until the dreary wet rain washed it away.  This is freaking ridiculous already.  I remember Easter egg hunts in the snow but they were always in March, not April. I should be wearing flip flops by now..... well, maybe not.  Though certainly sweaters should be replacing coats and hats by now.  No end in sight.  This cold rainy weather is supposed to linger for at least the next five days.

I want to go to the German Park and drink beer from buckets, eat bratwurst and spaetzle.  I want to play cards while lederhosen and dirndl clad teenagers clop around under the pavilion as accordions play polkas over the loudspeaker.  I want to watch old German ladies dance on the picnic tables as they slosh their beers around to the beat.  I want to see some German beer hall fights that I promise to do my best to stay out of.

I want to go to the dog park and find some young kid that is fascinated by Mario's frisbee skills, throwing it over and over again for him.  Finally giving up in exhaustion.  That dog will keep on going as long as there are frisbees to catch.  I want to watch Leo the pekingnese bark boldly at the dogs as they chase balls into the river.  Demanding that they stop making such spectacles of themselves.  I want to watch Chance sniff around the edges of the fence and pretend he doesn't hear me when I call.

I want to roll the windows down while I'm driving and turn the radio up really loud.  Nobody can hear you singing along if the music is loud enough.  I can't even hear myself.  I want to acquire that deep dark left arm tan from hanging it out the window.  I want to smell the rain as it first hits the hot, dry pavement.  I want goosebumps form the air conditioner instead of these record breaking cold temperatures.

I want to go golfing.  To ride around in the cart with both legs propped up on the dash, stubby little white socks poking out of my golf shoes.  Hanging onto the roof for dear life as my husbands zips around the course.  I want to get a hot dog at the turn.  I want to lose track of how many shots I've made and settle for a reasonable number to put on the score card.

I want to lay in bed at night and hear the crickets chirping.  Listen to the planes as they pass overhead.  I want to wake to the birds singing in my window.  I don't care how early they start.   Especially the one that sounds like the Muppets' Swedish Chef....... verdy, verdy, verdy...... I have to add the bork, bork, bork myself.  The Swedish bird doesn't sing that part.

It's not too much to ask for.  Isn't anybody listening?.  I want summer damn it!  I want it now. I'll settle for spring, please.


  1. Poor you! I am sure the warm weather will come soon. 'Specially if you keep begging. ;)

  2. I know. I know. I'm such a cry baby.

  3. we have summer here already..so much so that over a million acres are burning in texas and we have no rain in sight..be careful what you wish for.

  4. we've just had summer and it was long and very hot - I have mould growing from my armpits it was so humid - it is autumn and still 25 degrees - I long for our winter (not yours)ours are mild and cool and a lovely light over everything - unsure how hot your summers get - wats your tops

  5. YDG - Texas is just too hot to handle. At least that's what every Texan I've ever met has told me. But seriously, hope everything is OK there.

    MC - Michigan summers are beautiful and usually mild. We do get a few weeks of very hot, humid weather usually but nobody complains, at least not out loud.

  6. So ... a few days have passed since you wrote this. Any improvements? I don't care how many friends and family or how much love we've got back in the midwest. Living in that weather is just NOT an option. That means I can do a little begging on your behalf ... So I'll sign off and get to it. :)

  7. Booda - Things have improved. At least for the holiday weekend it was very nice. But today back to rain..... sigh. California is pure awesomeness if for no other reason than its weather.

  8. It's gotta improve someday! (doen't it?). Your post spells out exactly where I live where I do.
    I especially dont want to live where I experience the rain hitting the hot, dry pavement. That means its humid!
    Hang in there my friend, true spring and summer are on the way. I promise...

  9. Pat - It did improve. Now we have a one beautiful, sunny, warm day for every two days of gloomy, grey, cold, rain. I'll take it.