Oct 10, 2008

Main Street USA

The current political catch phrase being bandied about by everybody is driving me nuts. It is meant to make us feel like our politicians are on our side, they get where we are coming from and they are here to help. It always involves contrasting and comparing "Wall Street" and "Main Street". This bothers me on so many levels I don't know where to start.

Not sure who used it first a Democrat or Republican but they all throw it around in an attempt to make us believe they care more than the other guy. They try so hard to convince us that they come from Main Street.

Sarah Palin does it best. Is the fact that she comes from a small town meant to comfort me? Make me believe that she will fight for me? That might work better if she hadn't tried to have the town librarian fired for not destroying books she found objectionable. Do you think that library is on Main Street?

When they say "Main Street" they all give a dramatic pause and then wait afterwards. As if they are rock stars on stage during a concert mentioning the name of the town they are in and expect us to explode with pride because they actually know who we are. Bob Seger giving a shout out to the Motor City. Woooooooooo!

When they say Wall Street they practically hiss. As if these aren't the same people who regularly visit their offices on capitol hill. Do you think we are that stupid? Moguls don't get where they are without greasing the political wheels in Washington.

And by the way. The wolf is at the door. To be an effective leader you need to A) See the wolf when it's on the horizon and, most importantly, B) Do something about it.

Quit acting like I might run into you at the Home Depot down the road. Unless of course you need some more of that duct tape you are using to patch up our failing economy.


  1. I take exception to that whole 'Joe six-pack' thing as well.
    I live in a small town,work with my hands,keep a sixer in my fridge at all times,and I can tell you that Sarah Palin absolutely does not speak for me!

  2. Sling: Don't get me started on Sarah Palin. ...shiver...