Oct 29, 2008

We'll keep your seat warm for you!

This week the headlines of the Detroit papers proclaimed that the former, disgraced, but unexplainably still proud, Mayor had been sentenced to 120 days in Wayne County jail. This coverage came complete with a nice mug shot of the ex-Mayor in his green uniform. I am sure his new duds will not be the worst humiliation he will suffer during his incarceration. But for a man who monograms the word "Mayor" on his cuffs I am sure it served as a wake up call that he ain't in Kansas anymore.

The prisoner garb photo isn't my favorite one though. I like the one above that was taken during his sentencing. It is so "Kwame". This photo was taken just before he was taken away to serve his time. Kwame knows what we want. We want to see some humility, some remorse, hell, we'd even take fear. He will not oblige. He remains steadfastly smug and arrogant.

Kwame's list of proven and alleged digressions is long and sordid. Stripper parties, extramarital affairs, perjury, unexplained murder, improper award of city business to personal friends. Click the link below for a detailed blow by blow of this 5 year saga.


In the end it caught up to him and he stands before us a broken man. Oh wait, no he doesn't. His confidence is not shaken in the least. And his parting words upon his resignation were "You have set me up for a huge comeback". The sad thing is that he is probably right. We have not seen the last of Kwame.


  1. Jeez..This guy's gonna do less time than Martha Stewart.Factor in good time,and I figure he'll do about 90 days.

  2. The funny thing is it started out at 60 days but Kwame played chicken with the prosecutor. Once the Governor started her formal hearing to remove him from office the deal had gone up to 120 days. And he still has supporters. Go figure.