Oct 12, 2008

You crack me up!

There are moments when my husband can make me laugh unexpectedly. An honest laugh that comes from deep inside. It's one of the reasons I stick around after nearly twenty five years.

Me: Hey, come read my blog!

Him: Right now?

Me: Yeah, c'mon.

Him: I have to listen to your blog all day long, now I have to read it too?

See. He cracks me up.

Recently, while driving home from work I saw a huge owl flying low in the median of the highway. It was an unusual sight. I thought to myself, I have to remember to tell Jim about that. I know I'm going to forget about it. (It's a long boring ride home, my mind tends to wander.) I know, I'll text him. I proceeded to text him the word "OWL". I couldn't do more than that without risking life and limb.

I drove happily along forgetting about the owl. I was confident that he would ask me about my strange text message when I got home. Five minutes later he sent me a text message. I thought it would probably be a text like, "Why in the hell are you texting me the word OWL?" That's what I would have done in his shoes. No, his text was "EAGLE". God, do I love him.


  1. 'Pteradactyl'!!..
    I just wanted to participate.

  2. Sling: Now if I had seen one of those it really would have been an unusual sight!