Feb 17, 2009

“Top Ten Signs” that your daughter just got engaged.

1. She and her boyfriend ask to talk to you and your husband. The boy has a grin from ear to ear and the daughter is crying. She is also hiding her left hand behind her back.

2. Her Facebook status is immediately changed to engaged.

3. She’s on the phone for two days re-enacting the moment he popped the question with girlfriend after girlfriend.

4. You feel really old all of a sudden.

5. You wonder how long it will be until you are a grandmother (oh joy!)

6. You’ve been registered on theknot.com as the mother of the bride.

7. You are planning to join Weight Watcher’s right after the Vegas trip.

8. Bridal magazines everywhere…. OK, I admit I bought them but it’s still a sign.

9. Both grandparents give her the advice not to spend all her money on the wedding, (don’t worry Mom & Dad she will be spending some of ours too.)

10. It dawns on you that the next time she moves out it will be for good.

I wish I could reverse time so she could be that little girl who babbled incessantly and giggled at everything. Back then popsicles were “pockadoos” and cartoons were “rocktoons” and this day seemed an eternity away. But enough strolling down memory lane. Congratulations to both of you and welcome to our family Luis!


  1. Wondermous Congratulations!!
    They sure are gonna make you some pretty grandbabies Thinker...They don't just hand 'em out to anyone you know.
    You have to put in lots of time to earn them.

  2. I'm sure they will be well worth the wait once we get them. BTW - do yo know how much weddings cost these days? Outrageous

  3. So wonderful...I am smiling for you. I know how you feel about your daughter's new life...happy and sad...My melissa left thismorning with her husband (they have a 4WD and could get out) and when he got in the car, she ran back and gave me the longest full body hug...as if she too was trying to hold on to something...its how it is and will always be...chin up okay...you'll have a good slap up party at the wedding and look a million dollars ifn you remember to get the rollers out before you go

  4. MC - Thanks for the reminder on the curlers. I would hate to embarrass my daughter. You know, the advice I give to people with new babies is "Enjoy them while they are young." It really is the best advice I can give. But they just kind of nod and move on. They will find out the hard way that it all goes by in the blink of an eye.