Feb 26, 2009

That feels better

A few years back my husband and I took in a Johnny Winter concert at the House of Blues in Chicago. As we entered the small concert hall, (really more of a big bar atmosphere) we had to decide where we would watch the concert from, we had two choices. Option one was directly in front of the stage. We would have been able to touch Mr. Winter if the notion so possessed us. The second option was in the back of the room on bar stools. No contest, barstools for sure.

In our youth up front and center stage, screaming your lungs out was the place to be. In our middle aged brains we reasoned, “We can hear just as well back here as up there.” It was at that point it began to dawn on me that the crowd was mostly people our age and the stools were a hot commodity. Apparently two hours of standing at center stage is not appealing to the almost AARP crowd. Luckily we were able to wrangle two stools for ourselves and enjoyed the concert in comfort.

The balance between comfort and style is one that slowly shifts over time. The older you get the more heavily the comfort factor weighs in your everyday decisions. These days as soon as I get home from work I don my comfortable pajamas, remove my contact lenses in favor of glasses and put my hair up in a headband. I haven’t reached the point of wearing sweat pants in public yet but those soft plushie pantsuits are starting to look better and better all the time.


  1. I used to love the moms that brought their kids to school in slippers. Oh, how I wish it did not scream "crass".

  2. They'll get my grey flannel pajamas when they pry them off my cold,dead body!!
    ..sorry..I'm old and cranky.

  3. Sis: Remember the big poofy fur hat Mom used to wear over her curlers when she had to go out. Can't remeber what she did in the summer.

    Sling: If I weren't going to be cremated I would insist on being buried in my favorite pjs. I have a pair of blue striped pajama pants that are so threadbare now I have no choice but to toss them. They've served me well over the last 12 years or so.

  4. You are preaching to the converted. I wear men's cotton night shirts because in our heat they make sense and you can answer the door in them. you can also pick your sizes and there are some big blokes about...so off whips the bra and undies and ahhh true comfort and dignity as well. I but bras with no underwire and the same ones all the time because they work...cheap too...and i wear comfy undies...my shoes have to be flat and cushioned, and I am happy with how i look and what i wear...this is a blessed time in life this way. I also enjoy the invisibility as I leave it to the young and beautiful to be visible. i love that part...its like being a kid again.