Nov 9, 2009

Home of the Brave

If it weren’t for my aversion to heat, humidity and most seafood, I would move to New Orleans just so I could cast a vote for Representative Joseph Cao. He was the lone Republican voice casting a vote for much needed health care reform in this country. His reason for voting with the President in the face of outright threats from his party was simple. It’s what was best for his district.

"I have always said that I would put aside partisan wrangling to do the business of the people. My vote tonight was based on my priority of doing what is best for my constituents," Representative Cao said. Amen brother!  You see, he comes from New Orleans, where skyrocketing healthcare costs are just one more problem heaped on his constituents, along with high unemployment and their continuing struggle to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

This was done despite this very real threat from Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. “So candidates who live in moderate to slightly liberal districts have got to walk a little bit carefully here, because you do not want to put yourself in a position where you’re crossing that line on conservative principles, fiscal principles, because we’ll come after you,”

Wow, you’ve got to love the simplicity of it, an elected official who believes his sole purpose is to represent the interests of his constituents. He voted the way a majority of his constituents wanted him to vote. Representative Cao may be onto something here. If only the other members of Congress were less apt to follow their party’s marching orders and instead followed their consciences.

I'm not naive.  I will grant you that when Representative Cao cast his vote he was most certainly considering his ability to be re-elected.  His next run for office won't be against a federally indicted incumbent. But it still took guts. Will he actually suffer consequences from the Republican party? Some, but when it comes right down to it they need him in New Orleans, a predominantly African American and Democratic district, as much as he needs them. Leave it to a recent immigrant to show us what being an American is really about, standing up for your principles regardless of the consequences.

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  1. We need more people like him in our govenment, on both sides. I'm also impressed with Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal, also Republican but not afraid to cite the party's shortcomings. Is there hope yet for politicians??

  2. It's refreshing to hear about a Republican that isn't obsessed with just saying 'NO' at the expense of their constituents best interests.

  3. WOW! It's so uplifting to see a politician actually vote the way the people who voted for him want him too! Sometimes I think that that's a forgotten thing in this country. He'll receive backlash for sure but I hope he weathers it well. Stupid RNC.

  4. I'm impressed by his actions. I hope he continues to uphold his beliefs and not cave in to the RNC.

  5. Thank you God for a decent Republican

  6. I *heart* Joseph Cao for being a true representative of his constituents on this issue. :)

  7. good for Joe...have I ever told you I think Michael Steele is an ass...not necessarily for his views but because he is arrogant and rude when presenting those views...really arrogant and rude...and an ass.

  8. Scarlett - he is to be admired. Not sure I can agree with you on Mr. Jindal. Anybody who agrees, even temporarily to be the Republican spokesman is suspect in my book.

    Sling - Refreshing like an unanticipated mist of water on a hot cool day. Didn't see it coming but really nice.

    Kate - Stupid is being nice.

    Rae - Too bad the bill will not make it past the Senate.

    Mom - Wouldn't it be nice to go back to a viable two party system. Compromise usually hammers out the best solutions.

    MHP - Me too.

    Rosemary - Hard to find a Republican worthy of admiration.

  9. Occasionaly there is one good politician...most of them are crooks deep down...and not so deep down - Conservative or Liberal most have their price - but the goodies they shine...

  10. I am surprised to use 'heart-warming' and 'Republican' in the same sentence, but ... there you go. I just did.

  11. Booda - The infamous exception to the rule.