Nov 3, 2009


It’s a German word but it translates pretty well. It’s the itch to go somewhere new, somewhere different than you’ve been before. You can try to explain human migration through the ages as the need to find food and shelter. But ask yourselves, who was it that struck out there into the unknown? It wasn’t the homebodies. It was the adventurers.

I have spent eighteen of the last fifty five hours in a car, traveling with two of my Japanese co-workers. Japanese pop music as a back drop for nearly the whole trip. We did have a brief respite with a Beatles CD. (Thank you, loveable, mop top Liverpool boys for your world-wide appeal.)

I amused myself by playing with my new phone, doing some Sudoku puzzles and a little bit of reading. But the majority of my time was spent staring out the window. We drove through several states that I rarely visit. Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Your mind sharpens when you see and experience new things. You try to take in all the details. So many questions pop into your head.

During her recent visit I teased my cousin Scarlett for taking a dozen or so pictures of Canadian Geese. They are so commonplace in my world that I just don’t register how beautiful and unique they are. As a resident of the Sunshine state, Scarlett rarely has seen autumn leaves.  She asked me in what order the colors change. I hesitated. Not only had I never thought about it, I wasn’t able to answer because I had paid so little attention to something witnessed every year of my life that I honestly couldn’t say for sure. (It’s yellow/red to orange/brown by the way.)

I think wanderlust is ingrained in the American mentality. Don’t most of us come from a long line of wanderers? Whether it was the Native Americans crossing that long ago land bridge or the immigrants that started coming hundreds of years ago and continue to come to this day. We aren’t afraid to wander into the unknown and see what’s what.


  1. It's been the fortunate circumstance in my life,that I've been able to travel to some pretty obscure corners of the world at little or no expense.
    The people,places,and wondermous sights have been an education that money can't buy!
    ..Lord he'p me,I do love it so.

  2. I like to visit new places and see new things. The travel to get there is not so great though. I would rather fly than drive. I get too restless sitting in a car. You are so right about us taking sights around home for granted. I suppose if we had to leave them behind for any length of time, we would appreciate them and miss them.

  3. I have wanderlust SO often. I love to travel and see new places. Right now I'm hankering for a trip to Colorado--a coworker just went there and entertained me with stories of the awesome animal sightings he had there. I have never been there and really want to go! :)

  4. Sling - Travelers are lucky people indeed. I think it's impossible to have a well rounded education unless you have traveled to a place very different than the place you call home.

    Rae - I don't mind travel by car at all. We drive to Florida every two years or so. It's 24 hours of driving there and another 24 back.

    MHP - Never been to Colorado. I also have a list of places I "have" to see. Ireland, Australia, New England, Nova Scotia.... and so many others.

  5. Nice, mysterious photo you put up! My favorite kind of wanderlust is that sort that's so strong, you can launch into it without leaving home. You don't get the same snapshots, but the ones you do get are very exciting.

  6. We have just returned from a trip to Egypt. it was a fantastic experience. Everything seemed new and wonderful.

  7. Booda - I've seen your animation and you're right. You have a wondrous ability to go to new exciting places without leaving home.

    Mom - Glad to see you back. Headed over to your bloggy home now to check out the photos.

  8. Nothing like an unplanned road trip taken for no reason to remind you of why our human ancestors struck out...not only just for food...maybe because they wanted to see what was over the horizon as I did as a kid...and still