Nov 9, 2009

Long Overdue

The three weeks since the wedding have flown by.  Here are some wedding pics, as promised.

Here they are at the Law Quad of University of Michigan.  This is an architecturally beautiful place and it has significance for them because they met at school.

Lots of Bubbles

My handsome son.

Dancing with her father, who cried more that day than I did.

A little bit of "Souljuh Boy" but Miss Erica always ended up leaning the wrong way.  That's my two nieces she is dancing with.

Rehearsal Dinner:  Me and my husaband on the left and the groom's parents on the right.  Awesome people.  It was like we were destined to be family.

Family photo.

Beautiful Bridesmaids

Handsome Groomsmen.

Happy Ending!


  1. Beautiful and wonderful pictures from a lovely day!

  2. How lovely! I particularly like that last photo. What a smile she has.

  3. Your daughter is gorgeous and she made a beautiful bride.

  4. Oh,..Those kids are gonna mae some beautiful Grand babies for you!

  5. Besides the fact that the bride is completely beautiful I am overcome by the fact that you do not look like that crazy woman from Kung Fu Hustle! Completely shattered my image of you! :)

  6. Great pictures! :) What a beautiful couple! :)

  7. Wonderful, beautiful, great family, sniff, snork....I always cry at weddings.

  8. Thanks everybody. I don't think it's possible for me to feel more proud of my daughter. And not just for marrying such a great guy, she's truly a lady.

    Oh and Kate..... if I put curlers in my hair and let a cigarette dangle from my lips I am the spitting image of the crazy kung-fu hustle lady.

  9. Lovely photos and the one of your daughter with her dad is so good - you could feel what they were feeling...when there's a good dad and a good daughter as with yours...there is something really special about the relationship - ...and you scrub up really good...for the mother of the bride...

  10. Those were wonderful! Everyone and thing are (is? WHY does 'is' seem like it might be right? Well, I don't care. Whichever.) BEAUTIFUL. Who took the photos?

  11. Booda - some were taken by my cousin Scarlett and some by my daughter's friend.