Mar 2, 2010

Breaking News

I got multiple, excited, text messages from my cousin Bonnie last night.  She has, after years and years of searching, found a hat that looks good on her.  This may seem trivial to all of you but let me tell you that it was something we all thought would never happen.   Watching Bonnie try on hats is one of the highlights of any trip to the mall.  She just can't pull it off.  It's really sort of sad.  It's the shape of her head or something. 

So, what was this hat?  A wide brimmed straw hat?  A beret?  A cap?  No, no and no.  She reports that it's a German mountaineering hat, complete with pheasant plumes.  Hahahahahaha.   I'll believe it when I see it.

In other news....  Went out to dinner with the husband and son.  As we were driving back I got three phone calls to my cell, listing my home number on the caller ID.  Nobody was home!  We were all in the car.  Every time I picked the phone up all I heard was silence.   It was freaking me out.  Who was in my house and why were they calling me?

Finally my sister called me.  She had been making the calls from her house using an IPhone app on her daughter's phone called "Bluff my Call".  You change your caller ID number to any one you want.  I have tried and tried to think of a constructive, useful purpose for this app.  All I can come up with are evil and devious uses. 

And finally this. The sun has indeed returned to Michigan. Can good moods and fresh perspectives be far behind?


  1. ok - that 'bluff my call' thing is freaky.
    no good can come of it! i imagine it's being used mostly by teenagers fooling their friends into thinking the hot guy/girl is calling them, haha.

  2. ok ok ok not only is it a hat problem but its a sunglasses problem too...she can never find a pair that look somewhat normal on her but yet she is the one who seems to find sunglasses every where. Well one good thing is I am the beneficiary of them and an owner of a nice pair of Maui Jims. I cant wait to see this "hat" and ill be sure to take a picture.

  3. Bonnie needs to send us a picture.
    The bluff call sounds like trouble. It makes me angry.

  4. ikw - See what I mean. That and prank pizza ordering are what came to mind for me.

    Mindy - Had no idea sunglasses were an issue. We can add that to the shopping agenda. Please send a pic of this hat.

    Mom - I will post a photo if and when I get one. I don't like this bluff thing either. More proof that MTV and too much time is ruining our kids.

  5. That bluff call thing is tailor made for the most heinous characters in creation!
    Stalkers,and bill collectors.

  6. I did not say mountaineering hat. I said old german hat. Its felt, wide brimed and has 2 pheasent feathers. All of you will be jealous. Its just like the yellow purse. You might not like it at first but then you will want it.
    I had no idea about the sunglasses either. Who knew. No one ever told me MINDY, at least Christine had the guts to tell me when not to wear a hat. Bonnie

  7. Oh, my....sounds like a chick fight coming on!!! I can't wear hats either...i have a small pin head...good work Bonnie....mountaineer or German...wear it proudly. I'm not touching the sun glasses thing. As for phone apps in general? My GAWD, how did we ever manage with cell phones and a zillion apps?

  8. that should have been without not with.....sorry, I was trying to picture my self looking like Marlena Whatshername in a German hat....kinda like a spy.

  9. Sling - If only Tiger would have sprung for this app for all his mistresses phones. He never would have been caught.

    Bonnie - You say German hat I think mountaineering hat. Or WWI German army helmet with a spike coming out of the top of it.. it's not one of those is it? For pete's sake, send a pic.

    Rosemary - You are witnessing the beginnings of a mother daughter spat which are not nearly as much fun due to their frequent occurrence but slightly more enjoyable than sister fights, which cut to the core.

  10. Did you say to your husband "The calls are coming from inside the house!"?? *grin*

    Sorry, I just had to make that joke. :) That "bluff my call" is a weird app.

  11. One day I will also find a hat that suits me...