Mar 31, 2010

Go Ahead. Make My Day.

My son called me today to tell me a story.  This is how he started it, "Um I guess you should know I got attacked by two hobos." 

What?  When? Where?  Are you OK?

Seems last Saturday he was returning to his apartment on foot at 3 am after a late night "study session".   He was alone and decided to take a shortcut under a bridge.  Two homeless guys, (a guess on my part, I mean who hangs out under a bridge at 3 am besides somebody homeless? Although I guess they could have been trolls. Anyway...) they surround him and try to corner him.    He picked up a brick and beaned one of them in the head.  The other one, figuring the benefit to risk ratio had just dramatically tipped, took off running.  The guy who took the brick to the head was busy nursing his wounds and my son made a hasty retreat while the getting was good.

My son has promised not to walk home alone again and preferrably not to walk at all.  I think he was just following my strict instructions not to drive after a late night "study session".  The world is fraught with danger.  Glad to know he can take care of himself.


  1. Good for him!..The kid was on the job.
    Also good for him he figured out the first rule of self-defense.
    'If you don't wanna get mugged in a dark alley,..stay out of dark alleys'. ;)

  2. scary!

    i'm glad he has an accurate throwing arm.

  3. Stories like that must be spine and heart shivery stuff for a mom and so I'm sorry you had to worry even after it was all over. But, to the interested reader, it actually reads adventurous and a good scene in classic fiction, something set in Cambridge or Dusseldorf. Oh. Or Vienna.

  4. I felt my heart sink as I started reading (I have a grown son who lives in the city). Good on him though for clocking the idiot with a brick! Thank goodness the homeless were also gutless.

  5. Being the mother of grown children can be very scary. So glad he is OK. He may not walk home under that bridge for a long time.

  6. Good that the old adrenalin kicked in - and all ended well

  7. I'm so glad he's o.k. How scary for you, even after the fact the what ifs are there. He did show that he's can get out of a tough situation, it will serve him well in life.

  8. Sling - An ounce of prevention is better than being mugged any day.

    ikw - I know, right?

    Booda - Very scary. I'll have to ask him if there was dramatic background music playing.

    Foxy - Yeah, the other guy probably figured my son didn't have much money on him, so why rick it.

    Mom - I told him to steer clear of that area all together. The guy who got bricked may be looking for him.

    MC - He said he was very scared. I'm sure he couldv'e lifted a Volkswagen if he'd needed to.

    Scarlett - Let's hope he doesn't have to use these newly found skills again.

  9. Yikes!! Good for him--but that's scary!!

    Once when I was walking home, I saw a guy SHARPENING A BIG KNIFE under the viaduct where I usually walk. Needless to say, I did not walk under there that night. :) Crazy hobos freak me out.

  10. MHP - I had a long response to your comment but as it moved into its third paragraph I decided it was blog post worthy. Thanks for the idea. :)