Mar 19, 2010

You obviously didn't get a rule book.

So, here I am at Sam's Club. (Yes, I love Sam's Club despite my loathing of WalMart.) So, I decide to buy this really nice North Face jacket for my daughter. Because that's the kind of Mom I am. The color and styling suited her. Plus all the "young kids" these days seem to really like the North Face stuff.

Up walks my husband. "Hey, I'm gonna get this for Miss Erica." I say.

Thinking in his head... (Hmmmm, looks to be about $30.) "OK" says he.

I pick up a book, a few magazines and head to the checkout as non-chalantly as possible. The jacket is a little more than $30 but it's so much simpler if he just thinks what he thinks about the price.

Checkout lady is an older woman, mid 50's is my guess. Certainly old enough to know better than to utter the following phrase to a woman standing there with her husband.... "Wow, pretty pricey for a spring jacket".

Hello??? I think as I mentally knock my knuckles against her forehead trying to see if anybody is home. What the hell are you thinking? OK, maybe he didn't hear her.

No such luck. "What? How much is it?"

Great! Woman, you are either so spiteful and mean that you did that on purpose or you've never been married.

Now, it really wasn't that big of a deal. I work, I can afford to buy my daughter a jacket if I'm so inclined. Things just go much smoother when I don't have to explain the whole "North Face" thing making the jacket a little more expensive than your ordinary run of the mill jacket. He's the practical, frugal one. I'm the splurger. We each know that. It's part of the spice of our marriage.

So now we engage in some grumbling which moves into witty banter and all is good in the end. But that's not the point. The point is nobody clued this woman in on the rules.  You don't sell a sister out like that.   Just ring my shit up and keep your commentary about my spending habits to yourself.


  1. That is just sooo wrong. I think you're right she has probably never been married w/kids. You're kinder than me I would have told her to mind her own business.

  2. Wonder what Sam's club would think of her tactics. Good thing she isn't in charge of promotions. She wouldn't do much to help their business. Some people are just idiots.

  3. Geez..What a moron!
    I don't expect we'll be seeing her picture up as Employee of the month any time soon.

  4. Clueless, totally clueless.
    Is there a cashier's rulebook she could read?

  5. That's not a sister rule, that's a person rule. (Of course, it's been awhile since I lived in the Midwest. Maybe there's a secret gang that encourages that opinion-flinging ...)

  6. Oh my gosh, what WAS she thinking?? *grin* My hubby and I are the same way as you & yours--Iwanski is the practical, frugal one, and I'm the I could totally relate to your wanting to knock your knuckles on her forehead. :) :)

  7. Foxy- Well I was trying to play it cool. Hoping he hadn't heard. I gave her the evil eye though.

    Rae - Definitely not a rocket scientist.

    Sling - Well put but I hear it my head like one of the stooges saying it.... "What a maroon!"

    Mom - I think the "Woman's Rule Book" is the one she needs to read.

    Booda - Midwesterners are usually pretty reserved and observe more than they opine. There's one in every crowd though. Just my luck I had to get her to ring me up.

    MHP - Seriously, as if I didn't already know the jacket was a little pricey. Thanks Madame Obvious.

  8. She's probably one of those "Man's Women" gargh - they will do everything they can to curry favour with any man to the detriment of any woman age one to one hundred.

  9. LOL when I read this.

    Good grief! What a snitch. They obviously don't breed 'em for brains where she was born. Have to give ya kuddos for being brave enough to shop with ur DH--esp Sam's Club. I learned a long time ago that's an activity that I must avoid at all cost.
    A Julibeth