Nov 17, 2008


Winter officially arrived in Michigan this weekend. At least in my little corner it did. We got snow that fell heavy and stayed put. We've had a few traces before now but unless it coats the ground it doesn’t count. We can’t complain too much. Up until now the fall weather has been for the most part warm and sunny.

Winter starts off well, the snow puts us into the holiday mood as Thanksgiving and Christmas get closer. But deep down we dread what is to come. Around January 3rd or so we will be sick and tired of the cold and ice and snow and especially the gray skies that come with Michigan winters. We rarely see the sun in winter and become like trolls living under bridges.

My cousin moved here from Florida a few years back. She was not prepared for the harsh winters we get in Michigan. She got quite a wake up call one morning during her first winter here. All she was trying to do was go to work. My husband and I had quite a laugh at her expense but she‘s a good sport.

We had freezing rain the night before and then snow. Everything was coated with a solid sheet of ice and a nice 4-5 inch coat of snow, including her car. She bundled up and trudged out to the street.

Step 1: Bundle up in multiple layers of clothing
Step 2: Use a snow brush to clear the snow off car
Step 3: Scrape ice off windows
Step 4: Discover that lock is frozen and key won’t turn
Step 5: Come inside to warm up
Step 6: Bundle up in multiple layers of clothing
Step 7: I can’t remember how she unlocked frozen lock, she consulted my husband.
Step 8: Pull on car door repeatedly until it finally opens
Step 9: Discover that car won’t start
Step 10: Come inside to warm up
Step 11: Bundle up in multiple layers of clothing
Step 12: Get a jump
Step 13: Discover wheels are frozen solid to ground by plowed snow.
Step 14: Come inside and declare “You people are f***ing crazy!”

I can’t remember if she hacked her tires out with a shovel or called off work. I do remember that it took a few hours to complete all the steps above.

If asked though, I'm sure she will admit that Michigan has one of the most beautiful summer seasons in the country. She moved back to Florida to be close to her daughter and grandkids. But I think our winters had something to do with it too.


  1. Don't they have hurricanes,and flesh eating 'gators in Florida?.
    You just can't bundle up against that kind of stuff!
    ..You've been tagged by the way.

  2. Gators only eat the flesh of poodles and toddlers that wander too close to the canals. Or so I'm told by my cousins down there.