Nov 5, 2008


I, like so many of you, was overjoyed last night when Barack Obama was elected as the next President of the United States.

I lay in my bed watching the coverage and heard fireworks in the streets. I saw people flocking to the White House to celebrate. This seemed to me to be a collective flipping of the bird at the man who has held our country hostage for eight years. I saw celebrations across this country like I have never witnessed before.

Ain't democracy a wondrous thing?

We've accomplished step one. But the work is just getting started. The "Yes, We Can" chant is not a just a campaign slogan. It is a rallying cry to put things right that have been wrong for quite some time. Barack Obama is a man of high ideals and a desire to make fundamental changes. Key legislative initiatives will be coming our way soon.

What does "Yes We Can" mean? It means to fully understand the critical issues facing us. To clearly understand the proposed changes and how they will affect not only ourselves and our families but also our fellow citizens. It means to let our voices be heard to those who represent us. It means taking action on the issues of most importance to us.

Contact your Congressman and Senators

Get Involved
Volunteer Match
Volunteers of America

Sounds cliche, but my faith in the American people was restored last night. We can not only vote for change, we can bring about change through our own commitment and efforts.


  1. It's not cliche to say your faith in the American people has been restored,I'm feeling exactly the same way!
    The fact that it was a landslide makes it that much more sweet.

  2. Yeah - it was awesome. I just hope everyone has the stomach for universal healthcare (long overdue) and pulling out of Iraq and making those who enjoy the greater benefits bear a greater share of the collective burden as well.