Dec 9, 2008


There are a few questions I dread. The longest lasting and most recurring one is: "What's for dinner?" I used to joke with my family that I was the sun and they were each planets orbiting me on a 24 hour cycle. Each of them compelled to ask that question once per day. A little bit of a complicated analogy but it works for me. My answer "I don't know, whatever I feel like cooking when I get home from work."

Things have changed. Most of the time it's just me and my husband, with the youngest off at school and the oldest technically at home but spending a lot of her evenings with her boyfriend. To be fair to her, our daughter usually cooks one night a week. I am sure it is only because she can be assured of getting a good vegetarian meal that way. But who am I to complain, so long as I don't have to cook it. Truth be told, she has a few tasty recipes up her sleeve.

My husband and I have kind of a game going on. Whoever asks the other one first "What's for dinner?" wins. Even if the person asked doesn't end up cooking there is an advantage to be gained for the next day. That's the triple bonus, double whammy. Asking the other one "What's for dinner?", end up being the one cooking it and then asking again the next day "What's for dinner?". There ain't no way you're cooking then. Best case scenario, we go out!

Another question I hate is "What do you want for Christmas?" Hell, I don't know. Something you think I'd like. In my younger days I could come up with a whole list of things. But I pretty much have reached a point where I have all that I need. Whatever you get me is fine by me. I'm not picky. A gift certificate to Borders so I can feed my insatiable appetite for books, a scarf, some perfume, anything you like. How about you cook dinner for a whole month straight?


  1. HA!..My ex and I used to have a similar game,only more irritating,at least for me.
    'Would you like chicken for dinner?',she'd ask.

    'Sure,that sounds good'..

    'Or I could make spaghetti!'..

    'Okay..That's fine.'

    'Are you sure you don't want chicken?'


  2. The older I get the more regressed my cooking skills become.... it's like I'm 12 again.... grilled cheese and tomato soup.... mmm mmm good.

  3. oh I really like that idea! I am going to have to remember it.

  4. Lost - Tricks of the trade at no charge.