Dec 23, 2008

Oh me, Oh my !

Before I tell you about my adventure this week I feel the need to establish the fact that I am an independent woman. I watched during the 1970's as my mother broke the "yoke of domesticity" to become a bona fide, college educated working mother. The lesson was not wasted on my sister and me.

There are few things I am afraid to try or do. I have always believed that I could do anything I made up my mind to do. I am proud to say that I have never fallen back on the female ploy of fluttering the eyelashes and asking some big strong man for help. If I am giggling like a schoolgirl it's because I'm flirting not because I'm manipulating some man to help me out. I have never cried in front of a police office to get out of a ticket.

Having said all that... there are certain things that make me feel like such a girl. Number one on that list is a flat tire. I hate feeling helpless but I really don't know what to do. Actually, I do know what to do.... call someone for help.

The other morning I ran over a bungee cord. Please regard the picture below as your fair warning not to run over bungee cords if you can avoid it.

I should be able to change a flat tire. Lots of women do it. I just get all flustered and out of my element. First off, the tire is under the car. Am I expected to lay down in the middle of the road in the snow and unhook it. Exactly how is it connected to the car anyway? I'm sure that a tool of some sort is necessary. But I have no clue what tool that is or where I would find it. And the whole jack thing is complicated. It comes in several pieces and I have no clue where to position it under the car. It's much easier to just call somebody even at the price of feeling needy.

While we're on the subject of things that make me feel like a girl, number two on the list is any yard equipment that is started by a pull-cord. C'mon, after all these years we can't design a push button starter? I'm no conspiracy theorist but it's awfully suspicious that lawnmowers and weedwackers are not only difficult to start but are constantly cutting out on you. Is this some plot to make me feel weak and needy?


  1. Pull-starting power tools are the last bastion of hope for us guys to assert our male dominance..Don't mess with 'em!