Dec 17, 2008

Kim and Henry ?

Text messaging is a wonderful thing. I don’t really like talking on the telephone, except to my sister for our periodic bitch sessions. And I mean bitch in both senses of the word. Texting is quick, to the point and allows you to multi-task.

I had a brief exchange with my husband this morning (no pun intended).

Me: Found my underwear!
Him: Boyfriend’s suitcase?
Me: Yep, right where I left them.

Seems I had packed my underwear in the super secret compartment of my suitcase. My husband and I had to make an emergency trip to Target to buy me some new bloomers. Imagine if I had sent that message to the wrong person.

Recently while sitting in a theatre waiting for a movie to start I was scrolling through my old text messages. Most were the mundane, taking care of business type of message…

What’s for dinner?(grrrr), Be home late. Need anything from the store?

I had a few drunken messages from a good friend of ours. I still can’t decipher them completely. I keep them as a reminder of how quickly some Jaeger can bring you to your knees.

There were three messages from a couple named “Kim and Henry”. I don’t know a Kim and Henry. I know a few Kims, but none of them have a Henry. Since May of ’08 I have received three text messages from this mystery couple. I had quickly forgotten each of them as they were received and never gave them another thought.

During my stroll down text message memory lane I saw the pattern of one way communication from Kim and Henry to me. In May they had texted “You’re getting married! Congratulations!” in July they had texted “Happy 4th of July” and then in November “Happy Thanksgiving”

I am intrigued. Who are Kim and Henry? Who were they texting? Were Kim and Henry invited to the wedding? If so, why couldn’t they come? Don’t Kim and Henry wonder why they don’t get a response? Gosh, I hope I haven’t ruined a friendship with my carelessness.

I was a little trigger happy when I was looking at these old messages so all the Kim and Henry messages got erased. I hope that Kim and Henry send me some Yuletide Greetings so that I can get some answers.


  1. Lately,when I turn on my computer,I get an alert that 'Dale' has signed into instant messenger..I have no freakin' idea who Dale is,or how he got on my alert list.I don't even use messenger.

  2. Good to know though that if you need to instantly communicate with "Dale" he's right there. Have you seen Twitter? Everybody telling everybody what they are doing every moment of the day via the internet. Man, some people need to get a life

  3. Aww, poor kim and henry, they probably are pissed off and will never speak to "you again.

    And by the way, what do you mean bitch in both senses of the word. You talking about me?!? I've never been called a bitch in my whole life. ;-)

  4. Sis - It's impossible to have a good bitch session without a little bit of bitch shining through.

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