Dec 7, 2008


This beautiful creature was in our cherry tree this morning. I caused quite a bit of commotion going back into the house to get the camera and she very kindly stayed put. We recently cut down quite a few trees in the yard and I think it stirred up the local rodent population. That's like an Old Country Buffet for red tail hawks.

On a totally different topic.... Today my husband twisted my arm to stop in at WalMart because he heard some of their grocery prices were really good. I hate WalMart. Not for any high and noble reason like their questionable business practices. Not because of the alleged unfair treatment of their employees. Not because most of their goods come from third world countries. WalMart like any big company has it's fair share of skeletons in the closet but I believe a lot of the negative media they get was initiated by and is fueled by their competition.

I simply hate WalMart because it is aesthetically unpleasant. Their signs are too big. Their stores are too crowded and the atmosphere feels..... I don't know ..... crazed. After all, it was a WalMart where the shoppers trampled a worker to death trying to get to the bargains. (Part, if not most, of the blame lies in WalMart's lap for not maintaining some sort of control over the crazed shoppers.) Now, I love a bargain as much as the next person. But c'mon. Can we maintain a little common courtesy and human decency while pursuing that unbelievably low price?

I will shop at KMart occasionally. I mostly go for nostalgic reasons. I have a lot of memories of going there as a kid with my Mom. Back in the day some of them were called S.S. Kresge's and they had soda fountains. It was the 60's and my Mom had go-go boots and a bad-ass beehive. If I was good she'd get me something, if I was really good I might even get a hot fudge sundae. However, I view K'Marts as only a step or two above WalMart and consider them to be a Target wanna'be.

Now Target on the other hand is the BEST store in the world. They are marketing geniuses in my opinion. I invariably spend more than I intended. Quite a bit of it on "Dollar Spot" junk that I really have no use for but can't resist because it's only a buck. Their stores are clean. Their displays are appealing and it just feels better than WalMart. So, anyway, gotta sign off now because I am headed to Target right now with my daughter. Christmas shopping awaits. I wonder what stocking stuffers they have at the "Dollar Spot".


  1. Beautiful raptor ya got hangin' about there kid!..
    There's something about Mall-Wart that turns people into complete idiots the minute they walk in the door..I can't figure it out,but I'm partial to Target as well.

  2. Beautiful bird but probably best if it moves on. Our cat is very old and probably fair game at this point.

    WalMart (or Wally Wolrld as my aunt calls it) won't be seeing me again any time soon.

  3. Well, I know you hate Wally world and Dollar Stores are even worse, but both are very useful to a teacher that spends their own money to make things fun in the classroom.

  4. Touch wood we don't have any Wal marts here...what a horrible name for a shop?

    The owl is beautiful. I dreamt about a large owl recently flying up to my window whit hugh wings and eyes. It was a good dream, but have a thing with owls. My cement owl is out the front turned away from the house and i am superstitious about this...turned towards the hosue i feel uneasy. Turned away i feel safer. Didn't know why till i read that the Owl is an ancient symbol amongst the celts (which I am both sides) for death...but can be benign re protection...