Jul 23, 2009

Free at Last

I’m mad at Jon Gosselin. I know lots of people have been mad at him for a lot of different things but up until now I’ve been sort of “eh… whatever” about the whole divorce thing. Many people go into marriage thinking that if it doesn’t work, they can easily get out of it. That attitude is like starting a race with one of your shoelaces untied in my opinion. Sad to be sure, but I have learned to accept the fact that marriage and family are viewed as fluid conditions by lots of folks.

Over the past few years, I’ve caught a few episodes of J&K+8. I found it entertaining in a kind of “Are these people f’ing crazy?” kind of way. I have always thought Kate was a demanding bitch. One of the twins is following in her mother’s footsteps too. That little girl obviously missed some well needed swats on the behind, but that’s a whole other post. But I always liked Jon. He just seemed to be a nice guy that went along with the flow.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch this season as they trotted out their private struggles for the world to see. I think they made the wrong decision to keep going with the show but it’s far from being abusive to the children, as some critics are saying.

Over the past two days, everywhere I look I see Jon cavorting around the French Riviera with his new girlfriend, a mere 20 days after the divorce announcement. By the way, not the same young thing he messed around with while his wife was off hawking her book.

So, why am I mad at Jon? Well, it’s sort of a gut response as a wife witnessing a man dump his wife for some young chippy. It’s the sisterhood thing. Sort of the opposite of the wistful, admiration some men feel for the guy in this situation. That woman bore him eight children. This is the thanks she gets? He flaunts his new found “freedom” in her face at every opportunity.

It seems as if Jon’s inner turmoil has been about getting a little “strange”. All the whining about not being able to find himself was just a bunch of hooey he thought would garner him some sympathy. What's really going on is the wife and kids are cramping his style. Day late and a dollar short buddy. You will be tied to Kate for the rest of your life and you are responsible for eight young ones, like it or not.

I certainly hope the new girlfriend likes children. She is about to dive head first into the deep end of the kiddie pool. Honestly, I don’t give this one much of a shot. She’s sort of like the Corvette that a middle aged guy buys until he realizes he needs something more practical. A twenty-two year old doesn't have a tinker's chance in hell of managing the Goseeelin brood, even for a short visit.

I wonder what will happen the first time she serves hot dogs to the kids. Macro-biotic chef Kate’s not going to like that. Should make for good TV (rolls eyes).


  1. Have you seen that he wants to create a clothing line for kids and use his brood to model? And we thought she was the greedy one keeping those kids in the spotlight for as long as she can.

    I think Kate is a little bitchy too but maybe now we know why. He takes off with her plastic surgeon's daughter. Hmmm, how did that hook up come about. I doubt it was jsut in the past few months as we are led to believe.

  2. I haven't watched the Jon & Kate show at all, but I really get mad at the people on Big Brother sometimes. (Big Brother is my one reality show guilty pleasure. :) )

  3. I don't know about this show...we don't have it in Australia... but agree with your sentiments

  4. Yep..Jon is gonna be in for a big surprise.
    My second wife,15 years my junior,left me and our 6 month old son because 'She wasn't having any fun'..

  5. Breezy - notice he doesn't have any issues spending any of the money.

    MHP - I have never watched Big Brother. I like the show with the family of little people though. They are fun.

    MC - You're not missing much. And see, the sisterhood is strong. He's a jerk.

    Sling - I might be wrong but decisions like that probably come back to haunt the person who walks out. Fun is short lived, kids are forever.

  6. I've never watched a single episode. In fact I didn't even know who they were until I had seen it mentioned on Jon Stewart or Colbert one..

    But to make an Obama-in comment. He's a dummy and acted Stupidly...:)

  7. Grish - Hi there! Level 80, Human Paladin, Gorefiend. For the Alliance! He is stupid and is parading it for the whole world to see.

  8. Gorefiend, Character name is Falana. I have sort of a 70's sex symbol theme going.