Jul 7, 2009

My (facebook update) day!

First cup of coffee (can you inject that intravenously please) and then it’s off to work! (God, is it really only Tuesday?)

Beautiful, sunny skies on my commute to work this morning! (too bad I didn’t notice much of it, thanks to the aggressive drivers I had to keep out of my lane… You’re not getting in here, buddy.)

Gossip is bad and only small minded people talk about others!(and I’m a pea-brain, so spill your guts.)

HR is all about being there for people! (who want to whine and complain to somebody about how unappreciated and underpaid they are.)

I just love it when teams mesh and really accomplish things! (this team, however, needs a lot of help, borderline suck.)

Driving by the gym on the way home! (here it comes …… zoom …… and there it goes.)

The dogs look like they need a walk (maybe tomorrow guys) and I need to do the laundry (at least some underwear, I put on the last clean pair this morning.)

I raised the best, most awesome kids in the world! (and now it's time for them to go out there on their own and pay their own bills. Good luck guys.)

Cooking dinner, (Hamburger Helper, shit I forgot to get milk) then a nice relaxing evening with the hubby (him in his office surfing the net or playing guitar and me on my computer playing WOW…. it’s a raid night.)

Looking forward to spending quality time (at the bar, having more than a few) with friends and family this weekend.

Good night facebook friends (aren’t you jealous of the perfect life you think I lead?)


  1. I'm a bad facebook friend..I log in every couple of months,and have so many invites and messages and such that I just shrug,and log right back out.
    The chili-mac hamburger helper is my favorite!

  2. Reading my sister's blog(she is one slick b****)and laughing.

  3. Sling - I've always been partial to the Potatoes Stroganoff. Potatoes are vegetables you know. I don't post much on facebook but I do love seeing other people's updates.

    Sis - You know who I'm talking about.

  4. Tuna helper is pretty good, too, by the way. :) :)

  5. MHP - I will have to give that a try. Convenience scores nearly as many points as taste in my book.