Aug 18, 2009

Pretty Boy

I grew up during the 60’s and 70’s. I don’t have anything against long hair. But, little boys should have little boy hair. There, I said it. A little bit of length is OK but this is ridiculous.

I doubt that the sons of Kate Hudson, Celine Dion, Cindy Crawford and Elle McPhereson are trying to make some sort of social statement with their hair. Either their parents are too wimpy to give the kids haircuts against their wishes or they are using their children as some sort of living canvas to prove what unconventional parents they are.

What does Celine have to say about her son’s hair? “Rene Charles makes his own decisions most of the time. My son makes his own decisions about his hair. I've asked him about 25 times, if not five million, 'Do you want mommy to open your face a little bit... Do you want me to trim a little bit?' No. When he's ready, I'll cut it. Anyway, my husband has no hair - so it balances out."

Well, letting your son make his own decisions may lead to trouble some day. I think. Maybe. Will you let him enter school only when he says he is ready? Does he decide what he will eat every day? Is he consulted on everything? That’s no way to parent, you nitwit. Quit asking him and start telling him he’s getting a hair cut.

Oh and Kate… if you’re going to make the kid wear long hair, at least run a comb through it. Unless you are trying to go for that cavekid look. If so, mission accomplished. You should have named him “Oog”.

I wager these boys will come home begging for haircuts once the schoolyard bullies get a hold of them. There’s something to be said for the normalizing influence of one’s peers.

I feel the same way about piercing the ears of little baby girls. Mothers who do this are treating their daughters like little dress up dolls to accessorize as they like, even if it means permanently altering their bodies.


  1. I don't have much to say except I agree with you 100%.

  2. 'Is he consulted on everything? That’s no way to parent, you nitwit. Quit asking him and start telling him he’s getting a hair cut'...
    Why don't some parents get that?
    The tail doesn't wag the dog.

  3. Rae - I'm not surprised. You're a very sensible woman ;-)

    Sling - Things only get worse for them once they head down that road. Too many parents are more concerned with being liked than raising their kids to be responsible, independent and mature adults.

  4. OMG! I almost wrote a blog recently about piercing the ears of infants. ANY major alteration of their little bodies like that should wait until they can make the decision themselves.

    About the boy's hair. I'm glad I have a girl. then I don't have to deal with it. I was so tempted to cut the rat's tail off a friend's 10 year old boy the other day.

  5. AMEN SISTA! Mommy rules til you are 18! Unfortunately my ruling days are over. Absolutely love your profile picture. I'm hoping it's actually you. Looks like you take no crap!

  6. kate - do it! do it!

    Wine & Words - Hi there.

    My philosophy is .... You want to look like a sissy boy? Pay your own rent, then you can do what you like.

    Profile pic is not me... comes from Kung Fu Hustle but husband it's a spitting image for "The Look".

  7. I agree with you completely. I would hate people to look at my kid and not know if he's a boy or a girl. (Shivers.) If I have a little boy someday, he will have short hair--at least until he becomes a rebellious teenager. *smiles*

  8. My son, your nephew, starts middle school this year (as you know). He says to me the other day as he's showering, "Mom, which one for school? Long hair with skater clothes or short and spikey with clothes from Aeropostale." I jumped on this chance and definately voted for short and spikey. Long hair just looks like trouble to me. As hard as I try I have a predujiced opinion on it based on the kind of boys you usually meet that have long hair.
    As for Celine, unfortunately I think some of her lack of mothering skills stems from the fact she is just thankful she has a child. Now she is to have another. If it is a girl maybe she and her brother can play beauty parlor together.

  9. MHP - Cindy Crawford's son is the prettiest little girl I've ever seen.

    Sis - smooth, very smooth. His hair wasn't that bad. They all seem to be letting it go shaggy. It certainly couldn't rival the long beautiful tresses of Celine's son.

  10. I am waiting for my beautiful little nephew to hit school - he's in for a shock when he gets there and its not fair on him - he only knows what he's taught