Jul 22, 2010

Plus: He Looks Good Doing It

Barack Obama is not only my President, he's also my FaceBook Friend (FBF, not to be confused with BFF, as much as I would love hanging out with him it's probably not going to happen).   As his FBF I see the updates he posts on the really cool, progressive stuff he is doing. 

As a bonus, at least initially, I am amused by reading the moronic comments written by people who seem to split their time between playing Farmville, watching Jerry Springer and Glen Beck and listening to Rush Limbaugh.    The entertainment factor of these misspelled, gramatically incorrect, ill informed comments gives way eventually to a sinking feeling in my stomach that cable TV and the internet have ruined our ability as a people to a) think for ourselves or b) put together a sentence with subject, verb and object.  God help us all.  My only hope is that all along we have had this idiotic fringe and the only difference is they now have a platform to spew their hate and ignorance.

Anyway, Barack, my FBF, also posts pictures of the White House goings-on.  That's where I got the above picture.   I must say, President Obama has it going on.  I'm not sure I'm supposed to have these sorts of feelings when looking at a photo of the POTUS.   I remember the following emotions from images of former Presidents: Carter - sympathy, Reagan - bewilderment, Bush Sr. - indifference, Clinton - amusement, Bush Jr - disgust.    Never has a Presidential photo elicited long dreamy gazes and heavy sighs.   That swagger, the confidence, the handsome good looks.    I'm sure I'm doing exactly what his PR media folks are expecting me to do and as much as I hate being anybody's pawn, it's working.  Keep the photos coming.


  1. Yup. I'm in total agreement there. I even considered making him my muse :-) xo

  2. Yeah, our President is a totally hottie--I couldn't agree more. :)

    And I also couldn't agree more that some (most?) right-wingers are idiotic morons. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh--I'm probably going to hell someday. *hee hee*! :)

  3. Wow, he's my FBF too. I do enjoy looking at that handsome man.

  4. Daen - Oh he's inspirational. In more ways than one.

    MHP - The only person I can think of less likely than you to go to hell is Mom.

    Mom - Presidential eye candy, if you will.

  5. He doesn't turn me on or anything. But I'm happy as a clam with him...
    I just wish the crazies would give the man a chance...

  6. your blog is funny.... i kind of in love with it..... keep up

  7. Which one is Barraka???

    Tee heee only joking!

  8. Pat - Crazies is right.

    Yogurt - thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    MC - Funny. Hate to admit but I know I couldn't pick out Australia's PM from a line-up.

  9. This. Yes, this is everything I've been thinking but could not articulate. Right down to poor Jimmy C. Great post!