Jul 8, 2010


Not feeling inspired to blog about anything lately.  Lots of activity, all of it fun none of it significant.

I had a wonderful 4th weekend. We hosted a small BBQ on Saturday. I tried several new recipes. Some were a hit (the chicken wings and baked pita chips went over really well), one was a tasteless nightmare (the “tangy” coleslaw was most definitely not tangy) and the rest were OK. We have decided that ribs should ALWAYS be pre-cooked before grilling and that staying home to watch the fireworks from our own backyard can’t be beat.

Most of Sunday was spent recuperating from the BBQ with a quick run to the dog park. It was oppressively hot and the dogs were only able to muster a little enthusiasm which quickly disappeared. They were happy to go back to the air conditioned car when it was time to leave. That was OK by me because the park was mostly empty. Half the fun for me is seeing and petting all the other dogs we meet there.

Our big ambitious project of painting the family room this weekend did not happen. Instead we went to IKEA and planned out a craft room. I have lots of plans for my craft room. Scrapbooking for sure. I’ve also decided to try my hand at beading. Plus it will be a nice place to store all those half finished projects I have stuffed all over the house. There are loads of other miscellaneous projects I’d like to try. Husband is giving me the old "you better practically live in that room if we go to all the trouble to set it up." Yeah, yeah....

Five week countdown to Germany starts today. Most of the time will be spent at my Uncle's farmhouse in Mahlow which is just south of Berlin. Every time I've visited Berlin I run out of time to see everything I want to see. So today I booked a studio apartment in downtown Berlin for 3 nights. It's pictured above.  We'll be right near the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and all the museums. We will be able to roam the city for a few days. Should be wonderful.


  1. I envy your trip to Germany! that should be a blast...being able to stay with someone instead of spending the whole time in a hotel changes everything! In a good way!

  2. Do you already scrapbook Christine? I am slowly finding my way with that stuff, not naturally a "crafty" person. Craft room sounds great though. I have a desk. A small one. Which I share.

  3. i'm so excited for your trip to germany!!!

    and i used to have the rug in that picture - until the KidLit projectile vomited all over it. i had no idea how much fluid baby tummies could hold!

  4. Last time I was in Berlin,I was riding in a tank,patrolling the wall..Your adventure sounds like a lot more fun. :)

  5. "Half the fun for me is seeing and petting all the other dogs we meet there." I would totally be the same way! :) In fact, Iwanski and I stop by our local dog park sometimes to watch the dogs, even though we don't have a dog. :)

    I love my pets, but aren't other people's pets fun? They all have such unique personalities. :)

  6. My whole house looks like one big unfinished project - I have bits and pieces of clutter too many places - its so cold here and got a bit of flu - so am undet the blankie and watch some crap on TV - good for what ails you

  7. Pat - There's good and bad to having family at your vacation destination. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and you just want to go off on your own.

    Foxy - I have completed three scrapbooks so far. I really like it. My sister, Mom and I get together for scrapbook nights once in a while.

    mi - Thanks. I'm sure that will run through my mind as I walk across that carpet. Kid vomit. Boy I don't miss those days.

    Sling - That's exactly how my Dad met my Mom. Not on a tank.... in a nightclub actually. He was there when the wall went up, facing off USSR soldiers who were just as scared as he was.

    MHP - I love dogs. It's especially bad now that the kids are grown. I have to work hard to get the squeal out of my voice when I see a cute dog coming my way.

    MC - I have a quilt that I've been working on for at least 12 years. Hope you feel better soon. Congrats on the book by the way.

  8. You're absolutely right about the ribs; ribs (and any other barbecue) should be slow-cooked, and the sauce put on for only the last few minutes of cooking. We had the July 4th nightmare-- our friend who had us over made awful "white guy ribs"-- he put the sauce on when he put them on the grill, assuring that they had a horrible, burnt carmelized mess on them.

  9. They were the most tender ribs we have ever had. They look like crap when you pull them from the oven but the grill fixes that rightup.