Jan 25, 2009


I added a Hello Kitty picture to this post just because she makes me happy. I can't explain why, she just does. The winter doldrums have hit. That's the time right after Christmas when we have a good 2 1/2 to 3 months of winter left. Even those with naturally sunny and optimistic dispositions start to grumble and frown. I think it is especially bad this year because the economy sucks. Not only are you stuck in your house, you're stuck in a house that has lost 25-40% of its value in the last two years.

I'm also crabby because I took a pretty bad fall on Friday. It was in the parking lot at work. My epic clumsiness was witnessed by four of my co-workers who, to their credit, were extremely helpful and understanding as they waited for me to catch my breath. With their assistance I was able to scrape myself up off the ground. Well the pain got worse and worse until I finally went to the clinic. I would have bet money that I had broken a rib but X-rays showed that I had not. Diagnosis is bruised ribs and sprained sternum.

I'm not a sissy. I don't complain or usually even discuss my health with others. My high tolerance for pain allowed me to deliver my two children by natural childbirth. I come from good German stock. We are tough. But, man oh man this hurts like hell and now I have some nice muscle spasms to go along with the pain. Number one on my list of things to be thankful for when I get back to normal is going to be my health.

So, I am focusing on the things I have to look forward to, which include: 1) This pain going away. 2) Springtime, which usually starts out being wet, cold and smelling like worms but it's a sign that summer is coming. 3) My trip to Vegas in February with my cousins, aunt and sister. We get together every year or two and the towns we visit are usually never the same once we leave. Vegas may have met its match with us.


  1. Poor kid..You're right about the good German stock thing.We're a stoic lot,so the fact that you even mentioned being in discomfort tells me that it HURTS like hell!
    (My dad used to tell us kids, 'It'll feel better when it stops hurtin'..We took comfort in that).
    Here's lookin' forward to Spring!

  2. My sister and I often marvel at all the over-the-counter remedies that are out there. When we were kids, if aspirin didn't fix what ailed you, tough.

  3. And here we are with melbourne having 43 degrees centigrade - thats 109.4 Farenheit all week almost with a storm predicted then only down a point or two...those with air con are hoked up...its a stinker of a hot week...Be in a hurry for spring as i am for autumn but not for summer...

    sorry about the hurties...the ground seems to be getting harder as we get older...after a good thump down a month back I have found myself holding the bannister whenever I use the steps...my knees get a bit unreliable since i hurt them... consider when you gave birth you were young and silly and resiliant...is natural birth the same as sucking the guts out of the Oxygen mask?