Jan 19, 2009

Good Riddance

Happy Day Before Inauguration Day.

The link below is an article in Vanity Fair about the Bush presidency. It is based on multiple interviews. I warn you that it is pretty long but well worth the time if you are looking for even more reasons to be happy about tomorrow.

Farewell to All That: An Oral History of the Bush White House

The ironic thing is Bush truly believes he is a man of ideals who governed by his priciples. He mistook decisiveness and stubbornness for conviction and purpose. He surrounded himself with ambitious and manipulative people who used his idealism against him and ultimately us.

I continue to be astounded that he was re-elected in 2004. This is the saddest and scariest part for me. We didn't boot him out or elect him out of office. He is a two term President who never should have been seated in the first place and that is the fault of the American public. Those who voted for him truly did get what they deserved over the last eight years.

Oh and Happy MLK Day. He was truly a man of conviction. A man with determination that saw a future much different than his reality and did something about it. With a sense of purpose and self sacrifice that should be an example to all.


  1. Georgie just doesn't get it.
    He'll go to sleep tonight,convinced in his own mind that history will look favorably upon his tenure as president,..after we're all dead.

  2. All I can say is WOOT! We have come out the other end of the dark, seemingly unending, tunnel into what I hope is a brighter future. If not in our circumstances, at least in our determination and ability to do something about it.