Jan 6, 2009

I don't believe winning the lottery ruins your life.

There is a direct correlation between how happy I am at my job and how many lottery tickets I buy. Not hard to figure out why. The more miserable I am at work the more I dream about calling in and saying… “Um yeah, I won’t be coming in (dramatic pause) EVER!” Click.

Many, many years ago I dreamt that I won the lottery. When I woke up I remembered the numbers clearly. These numbers became my lucky lotto numbers. I will gladly share them with you now but please remember me when you hit with them and send me a nice little finder’s fee or a fruit basket or something.


Lost fans will notice that three of these numbers are shared by the mysterious numbers found all over the island 8-23-42. Coincidence? I think not! Hurley won the lottery with those numbers.

When the Michigan lottery changed and they added the bonus ball it really messed me up. My lucky lotto number now had to be played six ways for me to win the big jackpot.

At my last job I had reached the point where I managed the monthly company lottery pool, made up of all the discontented and disillusioned employees. When the HR person leads that group it is time to move on and I did. It was a hard decision because I tend to feel some sense of ownership at the workplace plus I really miss all the people there.

It was the right decision to leave though. You know how I know? I left that job 15 months ago and have not purchased one single lottery ticket since. Not even a scratch-off. So, good luck to you if you use my lucky lotto number. But if you are hoping to win those multi-millions to change your life my advice is just go ahead and change it yourself.

P.S. Another way I know I made the right decision is that I no longer suffer from the Sunday night sense of foreboding because Monday morning is approaching.


  1. I know what you mean about the Sunday night dreads.
    I spent way too many years doing that.
    I'm gonna give your numbers a try.
    You can expect a nice fruit basket if I win..Do you like pineapples?

  2. NO finder's fee? Well then load that basket up with the most expensive fruit you can find. You'll be able to afford it. Hell, you could even pay someone to write your blog for you.... wait, scratch that.

  3. I can tell you from first hand experience that your former workplace still feels the loss from you leaving. Thanks a lot. And if there is a Lottery pool still, nobody has approached me. I guess they are waiting until I have the "look".