Apr 29, 2009

Better Reading Material

If I had known that a full blown pandemic was imminent I would have chosen a different book to read. I am currently reading "Wastelands" a collection of post-apocolyptic short stories. More than a few of the authors chose fast spreading viruses to kill off the human race. WHO announcing that we are now in Phase 5 on the pandemic scale is frightening, especially when their spokesperson announces that this "poses a threat to all of humanity".... yikes.

Everybody knows that the media blows things way out of proportion. But this is the World Health Organization. That is some serious shit. I plan on stocking up on tissues, antiseptic hand gel and some orange juice (I think OJ has mystical virus combatting properties.) Please don't take it personally if I see you and don't shake your hand. It's one of the few things I can do to protect myself, other than holing up in a cabin in the mountains with a long range rifle to keep the infected away from me and mine.... (you just know there are people already doing that.)


  1. OK, you need to stop reading that book now! *smiles* I really think this whole thing has gotten blown so out of proportion.

    Although I do have a sore throat and a headache right now....uh oh!! *grin*

  2. Ya but when you go to the CDC website it is not even the main thing on their home page. No worries! :) I've actually been sick with the flu the past 2 weeks. What I would like to see is comparisons of numbers (infections & deaths) of this flu to the other flus that people are getting sick with. Maybe that would help people get a grip.

  3. Part of the brew-ha-ha (aside from the fact that I always wanted to use 'brew-ha-ha' in a sentence),is that we are getting better at handling these things from the first outbreaks..I think it seems like a big fuss,because so many measures are being put into place so quikly in an effort to stem the tide of infections.
    Personally,I don't think this version of the flu is worse than any other.
    Children,and the elderly are probably at the most risk.

  4. Miss HP - Stop reading post apocolyptic fiction? That's like asking me to stop breathing.

    Lost - I know, I know. I'm just a puppet of the media.

    Sling - brew-ha-ha makes me think of breweries. I think I'll just wash away my fears with a nice tall glass of beer.

  5. Boom Boom...here's a joke..."I rang the Swine Flu 1800 hotline and couldn't understand them...all I could hear was crackling" tee hI hope crackling means the same down under in the US...Australia is actually on top depends on how you view the globe...