Apr 6, 2009

Sugar Overload

Eating too many jelly beans can make you sick. Ask my sister, she knows. It's a lesson she learned the hard way. The sad thing is that awful experience forever ruined jelly beans for her. Ah well, it just meant more for me. Didn't even have to trade her anything for them. She gave them up willingly. I like the following jelly beans, in order from most favorite to just OK.... black, purple, pink, green, yellow, orange. Don't really like the white ones or the red ones so they were always the last ones in my basket. They would get eaten but only after all other alternatives were exhausted.

There should be a law against hollow chocolate bunnies. There is nothing more disappointing as a child than biting into that rabbit and discovering that it is hollow. What kind of a ripoff is this? Please! You won't accept me hiding my dirty clothes under the blankets on my bed or sweeping the dirt into the closet and yet you get away with giving me a hollow Easter Bunny. Next time save us all the grief and just get me a Snickers bar, cheaper for you and a lot more chocolate for me. I never, ever got my kids a hollow Easter Bunny. (OK, maybe once but it was only because I had to run out to the store late at night the Saturday before Easter Sunday and there were no solid bunnies to be found in the Metro Detroit area.)

The hiding of the colored eggs is my husband's department. He thinks he is so clever with his hiding places. There have been a few times I was sure we would have to wait for the rotten egg smell to lead us to that last egg because even he couldn't even remember it was hidden. But the kids always managed to find them all. The year we hid coins in plastic eggs went over big with the kids but the adults didn't like it too much. It got a little too competitive.

I do baskets up right. Just ask my kids. They always get a movie and a game of some sort. Little knick knacky things I find throughout the year. My motto is better to have too much candy than too little. My husband thinks the kids are too old for Easter baskets this year. You're never too old for an Easter basket. Would you turn one down? They will get one this year and every year until they produce some grandchildren. If my husband thinks I spoil the kids wait until he sees what I have up my sleeve for the grandkids.


  1. You are SO never too old for an Easter basket! Last year, when I was going through some stuff (I had a miscarriage), my Mom sent me an Easter basket from Cadbury, complete with a clucking bunny! It cheered me up so much--I loved it! :)

    Also, I never got sick on jelly beans, but I did get sick on Marshmallow Peeps--blech! And those hollow chocolate bunnies should totally be outlawed!! :)

  2. See, nothing says "I love you" quite like an easter basket. Never did care for peeps but love chocolate covered marshmallows.

  3. Oh man, you are inspiring me to get going on the rest of my baskets. I went to Target yesterday and just went nuts. Then I went someplace else to get more.
    So funny when people hide real eggs they can't find. That's why you have hunts at someone else's place.
    I write this full of solid chocolate robin's eggs.

  4. Not big on jellybeans, can't stand Peeps, but I'll gladly eat the hollow bunnies. I don't like mixing my chocolate with anything.

    Unless it's peanut butter. Those are 2 great tastes that taste great together.

  5. Jeannna - I haven't even started yet. Going to have to do a late night Target run myself. Robin's eggs are my favorite.

    JP - Oh don't get me wrong, I ate the hollow bunnies but it was grudgingly.

  6. I'm pretty sure hollow chocolate bunnies are tools of the devil.

  7. That's right, you can have all the jelly benas you want sis. My kids have to remind me to buy them for their baskets.

    As for when are they too old, I figure their good until they have a child. Then we can spoil the grandchildren.

  8. Sling - I knew hollow bunnies were evil the minute I saw one of them staring at me with that weird yellow blobby candy eye. It gave me shivers.

    Sis - Remember the year Mom broke the mold and got us those chocolate eggs with little candy dioramas inside? Didn't taste all that great but unique as hell.