Aug 10, 2009

4 Birthday BBQ

This year we celebrated four family birthdays together. We have quite a few summer birthdays in our family so this seemed like the most efficient way to do it. We all agreed that from now on this is how we will do it.

As an extra special bonus for the celebration, my cousins son and daughter are here from Germany visiting for a few weeks. They are actually here visiting my kids and my sister's kids, not us boring adults. They have all gotten to be close even though they live on different continents and usually only see each other every five years at the big "Trans-continental Family Reunion".

Did a "Q" at my house for 18 people.

BBQ Chicken <----- husband thinks he is a Grill Master Extraordinaire, probably most men think that.
Baked Beans <----- secret ingredient - horse radish.
Asian Cole Slaw <--- not as good as usual because of the modification for my vegetarian daughter.
Hawaiian Rolls <----- mmmmm..... bread is good.

My sister baked four cakes, one for each birthday boy or girl.

Then headed off to the local kneipe to have a few drinks, shoot some pool and throw a few darts. Back room was closed though for UFC pay-per-view so we had to play cards instead.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIM (Dear, dear husband)
HAPPY BIRHTDAY MICHAEL (Couldn't ask for a better brother-in-law)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS ERICA (Sweetest daughter a mother could ever have)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRINA (Best sister and best friend)

*** Also went to see the Harry Potter movie this weekend. I read the first three books with ease but gave up on number four. It took too long to get a story line going. Missed a few of the movies along the way too. I was disappointed in the movie. It ended poorly, like an old time TV cliff hanger to get you to tune in next week. And to make matters worse they killed off Dumbledore.


  1. Our family, too, has four b-days in August, and we tend to do a mass BBQ as well. In fact I planned my October baby to NOT be born in August because I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed with B-days!

    I feel a bit the same about Harry Potter, except I knew Snape kills Dumbledore since I'm a big fan of the books. It still sucked though to see him falling off the tower.

    Send some of those FOUR cakes this way! yummy!

  2. Happy Birthday to your loved ones!! :)

    In my family, we have lots of January and May we have our "January Birthday Bash" and "May Birthday Bash." :) It's always fun.

  3. Dumbledore hasn't been the same since Richard Harris died.

    Yay for your birthday extravaganza!

  4. Aw, thanks!At least until Friday you ARE 5 years older than me ;-)

  5. Kate - Birthdays shouldn't take up half of one's avaialable summer weekends. Sending cake your way.

    MHP - I think that in areas where winter is really winter (snow, ice, etc.) there are more births in August - October than all the other months. Snuggling leads to, well, you know.

    JP - Richard Harris will always be King Arthur of Camelot to me.

    Breezy - Aww, your'e welcome sis.

  6. Well Happy Birthday to the festive four!

  7. Sling - I'll convey your well wishes to the Birthday Bunch.