Aug 16, 2009

Dress Update

For those of you (two, maybe three readers) who are interested. I have narrowed my MOB dress choices down to the following dresses that I tried on yesterday.

Checked with my daughter and she is OK with me wearing ivory. Apparently there are no rules anymore regarding how one dresses.... no black, only the bride in white, etc.

Let me just say this about bridal shops.... lacy see-through curtains on the dressing room doors... hello? whose bright idea was that? and secondly, a word of advice to bridal shop girls.... if I take my sister into the dressing room with me I don't need your help and I don't appreciate you barging in to see how I'm doing. I'll let you know if I need you. About face and head your cute little behind out of my dressing room.


  1. I like the second one..
    Again,with the knowledge that my opinion doesn't count for beans.
    The lacy see through curtains were my idea.

  2. Sorry Sling, but I like the first one better. :) It's beautiful and also seems more "weddingish" to me. *smiles*

  3. I agree with sling. I vote for number two. Very nice. I like the colors and you will be able to wear it for another dressy occasion later.

    I am glad I never did the mother of the bride routine. This bridal shop stuff would put me over the edge. I would have to put those shop girls in their place. In their attempt to make a commission they are being rude!!

  4. Both are beautiful, but I most definitely pick the first! VERY classy and I love the neck line! you can always have it shortened later for another occasion if you want to make it look less like a MOB dress.

  5. You have to admit, though it was embarrassing having her barge in, she was very funny.
    Having seen you in both, the second one gets my vote, with a long skirt.

  6. Sling - I suppose you are also responsible for nude beaches and thong underwear as well.

    MHP - You should see some of these dresses. I put on one that made me look like a big gold lamme(sp?) gift bag.

    Rae - It was really something else. My sister was obviously blocking the entrance and she just came on in.

    Kate - I like that one too. Wearing it for another occasion is not really an issue because most "occasions" I go to don't call for anything fancier than a nice simple skirt or slacks. I won't be able to wear it to my son's wedding. That would just be tacky.

    Breezy - Sure you thought she was funny. You weren't the one standing there in your underwear.

  7. I like the top one best...I am too short for this and a bit buxom but I like it and if you can wear it its the best

  8. Sling's my Hero..just sayin..

    But really, I had never been in a wedding .. whatever.

    Btw I like the second one too..

  9. MC - Thanks for the vote. And as a woman with MOB experience I value your opinion much more than Sling's.

    Grish - you men always stick together.