Aug 3, 2009

Best Time of My Life

I’ve never understood women who are sensitive about others knowing their age. Whether somebody knows I am 46 or not does not change the fact that I am 46. I really don’t care who knows it. Although I do admit the time somebody thought I was my sister’s Mom was a little traumatic. There’s only four years difference between us. My sister will say five years difference, but I was four when she was born. Partial years don’t count, end of story.

Every age comes with its pluses and minuses. I think back to the stages of my kids’ lives. Each age brought new wonders and delights as well as new challenges. Snuggling newborn babies is the most awesome thing in the world. Every day brings some new and amazing thing they can do. But then there are the dirty diapers and all the paraphernalia you have to cart around, including them.

As they became toddlers you watched them discover the world and marveled at how they must be the most brilliant child in the world. Toddlerhood also brought more mobility and independence. But, being not so easy to confine meant they could get into more trouble. They also started to develop their own ideas about what they want and don’t want. It’s the start of the power struggle.

Young children are transformed, seemingly overnight, into teenagers and nothing in your world is ever the same. They seem so adult like one moment, surprising you with their keen insight or the character you see deep inside them. Then the very next moment they get overtaken by their hormones and you just want to smack them for being so emotional or so brainless. They do make some bad decisions once in awhile. Guess it’s good they still have us to guide them, as unobtrusively as possible, lest you bring the teenage wrath down upon your head.

Adulthood is no different. I look back on each stage of my life and think about the good things and the hardships. 46 is not old, by any means, but I am hearing things from my Doctor like “Well, at your age, it’s a good idea to get that checked out.” My age? When did I qualify for that phrase? I don’t recover quite as quickly from physical exertion as I used to and when I’m tired, I am ready for bed tired. I also am starting to get age spots… I’m not kidding.

But for all of that I wouldn’t go back (well maybe back to my 20s, but only if I could take some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way with me). Right now I am in a good place. Kids are grown and we are totally independent and free. We are looking forward to being grandparents in the next few years. After three more years of college for the youngest, we should be able to travel a little bit more.

I look forward to the future, whatever it may bring. I am 46 and proud of it.


  1. Well said and I totally agree. I never understood why people can't admit their age.

    Getting older certainly has it advantages. If only we could figure out a way to keep our physical bodies from aging. Wouldn't it be great to know what we know now and still have the ability to do what we did in our twenties.

  2. Is it your birthday?..or are you just musing.
    Either way,46 isn't old.

  3. Rae - young and stupid or old and wise seem to be the two alternatives. Although I have met some old stupid people too.

    Sling - Not my birthday. Just my mind wandering again. I know 46 is not old, but it is older than 26.

  4. Oh to be young-er again..

    If it makes you feel better I feel like I'm 10 years older than I really am lol

  5. Grish - I take some bit of comfort from the fact that my parents will continue to call my sister and me "the kids" for as long as they live.

  6. Sling is right...even 55 isn't old... and always better to be on the right side of the grass no matter what the age.

  7. MC - Oh, trust me, I'm not complaining. Just enjoying the journey, whereever it takes me. With just a little bit of bitching along the way.

  8. 46 is so not old!! I'm only 10 years away from that myself.

    My best guy friend (besides my hubby) is 50, but seems like he's 30.

    Age is only a state of mind. :)