Aug 24, 2009

Hangin' up the Glove

My dear husband’s muscles, ligaments and tendons seem to be turning to silly putty. He is not taking it well, either. He is (was) very athletic. This is a man who played baseball, basketball and football in high school. When you are the oldest of three brothers you have to work hard to establish and maintain your superiority.

He was a roofer for 20 years, climbing up and down ladders with bundles of shingles. The only reason he gave that up was his knees were starting to get to him. He still has an athlete’s build. Every few months he develops a little belly pooch but it bothers him. He diets and exercises for bit and then loses it. He is an active, fit man.

I never would have suggested he participate in the company softball tournament if I had known what was going to happen. I admit to wanting to show off, via my husband’s athletic prowess. And from all accounts, he was on his way to being the star of the team. My co-workers tell me they already had him slotted in the power batting position and all agreed he was the strongest player that showed up for the first practice.

So, what happened? Well, while running and stretching to catch a groundball he tore his calf muscle, his Achilles tendon and has a hairline fracture. Nobody bumped him, he didn’t fall, twist or do anything out of the ordinary. It’s really bizarre.

He will get the results of his MRI tomorrow. Until then we don't know if he will need surgery, (thank goodness we're insured <-------- health care reform plug). Physically he will recover, but mentally he is taking it hard. It's a wake up call that from here on out his body will continue to be in a far different place than his mind. Because in his mind he is still young, energetic and invincible. His muscles, ligaments and tendons beg to differ.


  1. That aging phenomena has a way of creeping up. It seems everything is great until 40 then subtle aches start. I am close to 60. My mind is still fighting my body. The mind says I can do things, but when I try them the body rebels. It isn't fun.

    Best wishes for your husband. Hope he does well.

  2. Achilles pulls are nasty, my husband (former Dartmouth College track star) has been battling one too. It's tough seeing them get frustrated with their aging bodies and not being able to do what they once could. But it's comforting knowing their sprains, pulls and tears are covered by insurance. I'm with you on the reform! I hope he doesn't need surgery, just some PT and rest. -kate

  3. Poor guy! That's how I felt when I got tendonitis--I couldn't lift weights any more and lost a lot of arm strength. I am bummed now to be lifting 2 1/2-pound weights, when I used to lift 15--pound weights! I guess sometimes we just need to give our bodies some rest time. Good luck to your hubby!!

  4. Aging is part of life, but most of us fight it all the way. Hope the man heals up quickly.
    I've been lurking here for quite a while and thought I would say hello.

  5. It is the sad nature of things that youth is wasted on the young.
    On the other hand,you can't beat the senior menu at Denny's!..So it all evens out.

  6. Given the choice, I'd rather have (and keep) a young mind. I spend much more time thinking than I do looking at myself.

  7. Rae - so what you're saying is it's all downhill from here? Good thing I like sledding.

    Kate - He ruptured the achilles on the other leg 7 years ago. He had to have surgery and then use crutches during the Germany trip we had planned for about two years.

    MHP - Aren't you making up for the lower weights by taking the stairs in your building instead of the elevator? All the while carrying one of those Arby's sandwiches. I think those are equivalent.

    Mom - Hi there! He will have to do a brisk walk instead of a full out run while he is trying to avoid father time.

    Sling - Trading one grand slam for another.

    JP - It's not the looks that bother him, it's the pep in his step he's afraid of losing. There's always bowling.

  8. There is a product called "Joint Food" made by Blackmores out here in has healthy doses of Glucosamine and Chondrotin and is helpful to rebuild strength in cartilage, tendons works gradually...poor husband it must have hurt